Building Your Best Life

From WITHIN your HEART, your VISION as your Inner Pathway

HOW TO Build IT and so that they will come

How does one BUILD your own field of dreams? You know the movie and the concept. first you have a dream. Where does that dream come from?

We are built to BE creators, designers and creators of our own life. The dreams come from WITHIN, the connection we have to our soul BEING and the passion of its purpose is to nudge us into the knowing that WE are special, a true and authentic gift. The visions we have, our grand designs are what and why we are here. No one else has our uniqueness… there are no others with our fingerprint, our signature – we are in fact the only DESIGN that came in this package, this body, at this time.

By tapping into the inner voices, visions and creative expression that is uniquely you, you come alive with a KNOWING that you must. You know that urge that just won’t let go.

The building your best life process begins with BEING still, quiet enough long enough to hear the voices of your soul. You know when you know, your guidance system, intuition, kicks you in the gut and says YES, now, do this!

The very best way to accomplish this construction process is in the power of 6 little words.


If you can and will come to the place in your peace of mind and honoring of your hearts desires you will know what I mean. Gratitude is the first building block of creativity. Awareness through listening to the small quiet inner voice is the fuel that ignites the soul to say, OK I’m ready, when you are!

The journey is simple, being alive and awake to the moment, loving what you have created already, be CAUSE you have, is the mortor that holds the structure together.

So, what are you BUILDING? Your best life is the demonstration of the casa, castle, home or temple that is YOU.

The journey does not have to be alone… you can have the support you deserve, you can have someone who knows you are special, someone who won’t tell you you are crazy to want what you want. Those who take that path are unwilling to listen to their own hearts, at this time. They don’t know how to love themselves enough to also love you and honor your unique path… the creative expression of God that God sent you and only you to express.

Let’s do it together, leave your comments, ask your questions and let’s do it.

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Mentors and Mentees – being guided

I love it when I receive great emails with exactly what I would like to say – but they said it so eloquently that all I have to do is share. Today I received such a message.

On the way to success, which path are you taking:

‘The Silver-Platter – handed to you success or

The Inch-by-Inch Path.
At the other end of the spectrum, we have people who feel they must battle and scrape their way to success. Maybe they were told that they don’t deserve success. Maybe their family or friends said:
“Who do you think you are–you think you’re better than us?” It’s almost like these people NEED to show deep battle scars if they succeed. Then they can say “Hey, I paid the worst of prices for where I got!” I guess it’s good that they succeed, but I doubt they’ll ever enjoy their success.’

This is the one I most relate to… yes, I took the inch-by-inch road less traveled, the back roads, the unpaved route…

The Stepping-Stone Path.
It’s for those of us who weren’t handed success on a silver platter. It’s also for those of us who are not trying to make some statement about how many pints of blood we lost on the way to our goals.

This is the path for people who know that success will take some work, but we want to use every common-sense advantage we can along the way.

We’re very interested in becoming successful, but have no interest in making success harder than it needs to be.”

As we continue down the path, chosen and traveled, are you traveling alone or have you found your mentors to help guide the way.

With over thirty years of road trips I have a unique perspective about how to take the journey, where to start, how to proceed, what to share and how to guide. You, yes YOU are the reason I have taken this journey. For being able to help others along the way is my passion and my purpose. You don’t have to do it alone you know.

I am here, with guidance, assistance, listening, supporting and helping pave the way for the road you choose. You will find the support you desire and deserve.

My coaching is personal, still one-on-one and at very affordable prices. In fact, you can choose your own rate. I know that we often need to be flexible and giving especially in times like these.

If you are searching for your way, traveling without a map and want a guide, you have come to the right place.

I am here, for you.
where Building Your Best Life is providing the vision, foundation and structures to build a life that has more meaning and value, the life you truly want to live.

Your comment or email will get my attention and your response that will take you to the levels of success you dream of.

Thank you, until next time… stop, look and listen… the road ahead is open for your journey.

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Building Your Best Life, along with me: Let’s BUILD it, together

Hi and welcome back,

I too am back, in action. Another move… finished, all settled in. With each passing day this journey of reconstructing my life. What you say? Yes, I too am under the external influences of a changing world. And YES, I am taking each day as an opportunity to just be present, be grateful and allow the clarity of this choice, chance and challenge to create my next most logical steps.

Baby steps… and my role as Nanny have come and gone. A precious now 7 month little guy has been a path to clarity. From becoming homeless, yes that too was on my plate, to being a live-in Nanny. Now, that too has passed and I am now in my new digs of a Mother-In-Law suite in a lovely foothills home and community just northwest of Boise. Star would be my new town… full circle you might say as I began my moving around here in Boise 9 months ago and landed in Star, as my second spot and again as my 5th..

You might know something about moving, moving on, moving up, keep moving forward… that is you never quit!

Well with each move we get to examine our journey, whether from a pit stop as we travel upon our journey or a revision in plans as we build our foundation and see our structure come into view.

The importance of laying a firm foundation comes only after we have a clear picture of what structure we are building.

Do you have a clear vision of your path, your next steps and the feelings of your desired outcome?

It is important to be very clear, trust me I know. When we are not clear we get to experience the twist and turns of the road, often less traveled.

With this new move I can now give you the time, attention and focus that really matters. Getting to the heart of the matter is what matters most.

I am reminded of the Cellular Wisdom of Joan King and her observation that the body, our cellular structure has great wisdom and a divine design that teaches us pure intention and perfect patterns from which to follow. The cellular structure knows what to do and how to do it. It doesn’t need our help to do a perfect job… BUT it is influenced by what we give it. Providing the proper nourishment, fuel and rest are required for this body to automatically do its perfect job. Just as with any machine proper maintenance is required.

Providing proper maintenance  is no different when we are Building Our Best Life.

This food for thought will continue next time. Come on back… and together we’ll build your best life, one day at a time.

Special offer now going on…. you get to choose what works best for you. Pricing is based on your needs and your capability.

Boy do I know how this works. Being faced with many changes myself, I know what it means to be open, receptive and flexible. When I needed it most many years ago, my best friend and mentor was always available to listen and to help me find my way. Through her guidance I did find my way to live my passion, purpose and promise that I too could give and receive as appropriate.

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Building Your Best Life, Let the BUILDING BEGIN

I don’t know about you but I stayed gathered round the Tube for all the pomp and circumstance, crowd control, cheering, clatter and clammer of


well into the night of CELEBRATION…

as ON THIS DAY in America,


That is exactly what Building Your Best Life is all about, choosing to make better choices, creating a new Begin Again attitude and charging with eager enthusiasm toward our dreams, vision and the promise that YES we can.

Yes, I can. Yes, you can. Yes we can… do what we say we want, together we can and we will.

I ask that you consider what you have as your dream, your promise for your tomorrow, beginning today. What will your life be like in a week, a month or a year from now… if you don’t begin today and

CONTINUE day after day, continue the journey you embark upon to be the promise you make to yourself.

Yes it will take work and yes, the work has have a vision, a view of the end result, it has to be designed, to be constructed with all the proper materials, in a timely manner, with the right tools, team and timelines. This is how you build your best life… no different than any other building project we endeavor to undertake.

Now, is when. Start today, I am ready, ARE YOU READY? go to the contact page and let me know you are ready… I’m here to be a partner for your success. We all have dreams… let’s do it together.

Veronica, talk to you soon.

Come on back as I continue to further define, clarify and set the stage for life changes you have asked for and are now ready for. You are one of the 3% that will take action and ask for what you want and I am that coach that will step up and be there for you. Just Ask… contact info on contact page… see you there!

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Building Your Best Life, as a partnership

Where two or more are gathered…


The kind of support you are seeking is seeking you.


Just ASK, and it is given. The support that you will receive is way beyond the power of my favorite teachers, Jerry and Esther Hicks and their wonderful book, Ask and It Is Given, and as seen in The Secret.


We all know The Secret movie has had more than significant impact upon mass consciousness beliefs worldwide.


There are no accidents… you have found your way …to here,  a pathway for the answers you are seeking can be found through the expertise of one who has traveled the path before you, walked in your shoes and has tested the troubled waters…and has survived.


An unlimited number and growing hourly, of other coaches are out here to help. But let’s face it; here we are right here, right now in the right place, right time, just you … and me.


The Abraham laws of attraction (LOA) teachings remind us ‘We never get it done!’


Many years ago, in my early days of coaching my design clients sought my help while in the process of creating new custom homes and furnishings. In the design process I often felt that I too needed help and I found it. My coach told me ‘the day you need help you will ask for it and you will find it.”



The support you will find with me is nurturing and healing, fun and intriguing.


Building Your Best Life is a 365 Day Life Spiritual Journey WITHIN, your own personal experience.


I love it when I declare that LIFE is a spiritual journey, nothing more, nothing less. This helps me to understand my own journey, the why and how I find so much pleasure in the passion and purpose I have for helping others.


That means you… Yes, you there…with the questioning look on your face… Lost; so, where to from here???


“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.”  Carl Bard


You have found your way here and I can lead the way …holding your hand, to Home; that inner home, we call soul.


My life changing Building Your Best Life programs are designed for the 365 day life, for we all have a full time life that we lead. Each day we get to begin again, with a fresh new start…


We all work WITHIN, the framework of homes, jobs and our community of family, friends and peers. We all have our own desires, perspectives and life styles.


We have families, we share our lives with peers and friends; we aspire to nurture and grow with all those in our lives.


I am here to serve you and to create wonderful relationships and friendships across the world. 


I invite your exploring questions and comments.  Email Veronica

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Where responsibility meets new results!

It is my intent to help you achieve the successful lifestyle you dream about… my desire is to share that kind of life, and I am here to help you live your dream life too.


WHY! BECAUSE I have traveled this journey and I because I believe in you.

This is not about creating a get rich quick business or an online store…there is nothing in a box…


This IS about taking care of the business of living your life – YOUR BEST LIFE, and it all begins from WITHIN.


BEGIN WITHIN, start now.

You will find that in this blog I pose more questions than I attempt to answer.

As a creative solution provider one of the things I have learned is that we each have WITHIN us our own answers. We just want and need the support of inspiration, stimulation and guidance. We want to be heard. That you have found; I will prompt you, I will suggest, guide and inspire you to find your own way… for your path and mine are as unique as each of us.


Together we get the job done.


First and foremost I want to share that my life journey has provided me with the Building Blocks that have established the place I call HOME, an inner sanctuary; an inner HOME; the place where I live my experience of passion and purpose.


My mission is to share with you WAYS to discover your own life journey and create your own personal inner home, your personal experiences of passion, purpose and beyond.


TODAY is the first month, on the 11th day in a year that has eleven as its power number. For me this is significant, as my life path number is also eleven.. my destiny is wrapped around this number, it chose me and I have chosen to follow its path, an open road ahead, with the endless journey of one day at a time.


What better time than NOW to begin again. Each day provides us that possibility and promise, a fresh new start.


Building Your Best Life is all about possibility and promise. We each have hopes, and dreams but do we have clarity in our vision, know our passion and purpose?


What about you? Are you clear, have your life path charted and are on your way? If not, why not?


Now is when… there is no other time. No past can get you there, and no future is waiting for you to BEGIN.


So, where do you start, where do you BEGIN, from WITHIN… a dig deeper process that opens you up to be receptive to the real, authentic you.


Lets, BEGIN…

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