Building Your Best Life

From WITHIN your HEART, your VISION as your Inner Pathway


Hi and welcome back,

Over the past few months I have been making every effort to rebuild my business by beginning again, by taking the past and transforming it into my new path, a future of transition and transformation.

Who better to learn from than one who has been there.


I too learn and understand that until this process is fully written and experienced into what we might call the end result there is much that is still uncertain.

What I want to share at this time is that in order to better serve you I have to stop serving you here for now, or pretending that you are there to serve. You are not there, not here.

I wish you were, but we both know you can take wishes to the bank and my livelihood is at stake here.

Having lost my home, my father, my daughter and so much more, all that I felt the meaningful things in life my business went too. So, starting all over from scratch with income from only early Social Security… talk about poverty overnight… my worse nightmare came true in a very short period, only a few months to go from The Feng Shui Queen, to dethroned, to homeless.

Now, a couple of years later I am not homeless, but a renter, sharing the home of someone else. Certainly a step up from spending time in my car on the road, searching for where could I go to live that I could afford.

Other circumstances landed me in the Boise Idaho area. Not that I would call this home, I can’t. I don’t have a home. I don’t have a job. I don’t know anyone and those I have met think I am a little left of far right, from another planet. Feng what????

So, for now I am going to FOCUS on my Feng Shui blog, to share what I do know for sure… that bad Feng Shui comes into the lives of even those who know a lot and have helped hundreds change their lives, improve their relationships, careers, even their finances… at the expense of not getting paid for what I give. Well, I am going to continue to give. If I had known what I know now I would not be in this situation.

WHAT I KNOW FOR SURE is that from scratch, from nothing it is very difficult to create anything, much less instill the trust of strangers… who is this person called Rhonee, The Feng Shui Queen?

I invite you to go over to and follow the information that has been around for just a few THOUSAND years helping people around the world improve their lives.

No joke… ancient wisdom for modern results… just like the Law of Attraction, no longer a secret…but the wisdom we need now more than ever.

Thank you, see you there… as Building Your Best Life continues its journey into the end result, my own journey back…

Rhonee, The Feng Shui Queen – a PHOENIX RISING

Posted 8 years, 5 months ago at 9:38 am.

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Admitting the Truth… how to build your best life

Hi and welcome,

One of the hardest things in life is coming to terms with failure… you know that step back to reflect, to take stock and to know that this too shall pass.

Since my beginning as an entrepreneur… I have struggled all along the way, where was the next client coming from…. the long spells in between this job and that project.

In 2004 when I lost my home to a mortgage scam… I lost everything I had worked 30 years for… and since I have made every attempt to rebuild, from scratch, from having nothing … and guess what it didn’t work.

Nothing has worked.

The hardest part is admitting that nothing has worked.

I come to the place of letting go.

I write articles for Synchronicity In Your Life, an online magazine and that too has passed. In January I wrote about letting go, and recently I write an extensive ebook taking that concept further… to where I really let go of all my dreams for they have brought more pain than pleasure.

We all know the meaning of INSANITY: Doing the same thingsd expecting different results.

I did things differently and still received the same results… the opposite of my desires… anything but what I want.

So, I let go…

What have I to share? How can I be a life coach when my life is nothing that I would wish upon upon anyone…

Thanks… for the message, for allowing me to accept my what is… a new path will emerge… I know it will… someday when

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How Feng Shui IS of Law of Attraction

What does Feng Shui have to do with the Law of Attraction and how it relates to Building Your Best Life?

This morning I am listening to an interview with one of my own mentors, Marie Diamond is affirming in her sharing everything that I also teach and share about the oneness in Law of Attraction principles and the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui philosophy. If you would like this to listen to this interview please send me your comments or an email.

Feng Shui and Law of Attraction has everything to do with you and your living environment, your life and your results. Everything is energy, the flow of energy system that is in all, from the inside (your beliefs, thoughts, actions) and outside in the environment the physical evidence, (images, space planning, color). What we see is an influencing factor to how we feel.

With all the current economic loses I can show you how your living environment, the home you love so much could be both at cause and a remedy for the situation you are experiencing. I know, I have had the same kind of experiences, and I too lost my home, before I learned what I know today.

If you are not experiencing great success with what you believe and the actions you are taking… this is the missing link for most. There is another layer to this magical cake we experience as life.

I help my clients on one-on-one basis… and I am available to help you too.

Posted 8 years, 6 months ago at 9:38 am.

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BEING in the flow – Building Your Best Life

Continue reading “BEING in the flow – Building Your Best Life” »

Posted 8 years, 7 months ago at 4:59 pm.

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Saving the BEST for last… Building Your Best Life

In the discussion of what each word in Building Your Best Life means let’s look at the word BEST. I changed the order in which I presented these words on purpose, for how we measure Best is so very personal.


What is your BEST?

I am still on my own journey of deliberately creating my life the way I choose to and I have become aware of so many profound realizations and seen several manifestations in my life that inspire me to share what I have found with you.


We each have our measure of what best feels like. I know I do. I hope you do to. We usually take the perspective of comparison. 


Best, being and meaning the highest quality. Best is a standard of being, something to uphold as a mark of quality, someone to live up to or a way to achieve your mark, or a standard to experience.


Best can also be viewed as a judgment. Better than something else. Or not.


BUT with the perspective of uniqueness there is no thing, nothing to compare to.


Maybe it is just above feeling terrible. Maybe it is having the best experience you have ever had.  Only one can bring how one feels to your own measure of best.


Maybe best is just being grateful and accepting of what is, making the very best of what is, now…


Lyobomirsky’s research confirms that happiness breeds success.


If you are like me, you may always be looking for something better. I am learning that this is not very effective, for being happy with now, what is .. and expressing the perfection of this moment, whatever it is is far more productive in moving forward. Allowing the next step to evolve, emerge and be your experience is truly best way to be life, right here, right now.


It is amazing what it takes to really be in the space of making the best of what is… and that being enough, accepting what is as the best for now.


Happiness is the goal behind all the big goals you have, such as achieving success in love, your career, finances, or pursuing your hobbies and passions.


Living now is not as easy as it sounds, it is in fact where we may find our greater challenges.


More on Building Your Best Life.. one day at a time.. one bite at a time, baby steps. Thanks for taking the journey, come on back… more later.


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How do you eat an elephant? Building Your Best Life answers that one

Hi and welcome back,

How do you eat an elephant?

You have obviously heard that question before, haven’t you?

 And I’d like to address an answer to the question.  One Bite at a time:

You already know that an elephant is not something we think about eating, so there is humor in even asking the question. But the point is… to think about something that is so far out of scope and common train of thought. To get you to stop and think about the magnitude of such an idea in the first place.

My approach here on this blog and the general approach in blogging is to share the tiny morsels of the sweet, tantillizing ideas that get you to think about the offering.

What is my offer? Well, it is a better life, a more fulfilling life and a deeper meaning to life, each moment to treasure your life as it is. Doesn’t that sound like what you really want?

We all do! and you are no different to have the desire to live your life from a fullness and meaningfulness that gives you so much pleasure – for after all

Life is meant to be Fun.

One of the objectives of my passion and purpose is to help you find better definitions to the words that you use to express who you are, what you desire and why you want the things that just won’t leave your heart.  Let’s say it is your ‘calling’.

Most of us, and I include myself here, have spent our entire life, so far, no matter how old you/we are in search of that something that gives us meaning. You KNOW it is in there for it picks and pokes like that darn splinter that just can’t seem to get out. It pushes and shoves and just won’t go away, no matter what.

It is in that NO MATTER WHAT that IT will come to the surface.

You’ve heard that one before too, haven’t you?

The journey here with me at Building Your Best Life is one of the bite size pieces to eating that elephant, one bite at a time, with that fork you carry with you, always prepared for the desert that shows up when you least expect it.

In the journey you will experience with me as your coach you will be exposed to many principles and processes that are not new… for they are out there being offered by many. But what I feel is unique is my own presentation and experience with the use of them. We each have our own uniqueness and I am no different than you.

I am just like you. I have dreams, you have dreams. I have a vision and you have one too.

Yours may not be clear, specific and a timeline. You may not have found your inner passion and defined your meaningful purpose. That is my point. I can help YOU with that journey. As a visionary and a creative I have travelled the journey of square peg, round hole and outside the box thinking, colored outside the lines and found my own path, one step at a time. I know it can be a lonely journey and I KNOW it does not have to be.

Those of us who are of this uniqueness to know WE HAVE TO follow or rather lead the way, tread the path, from the leading edge also KNOW that there are hundreds, thousands, even millions of others just like us who want help. We, none of us, want to go it alone.

Like you, I know because I have. Those closest to me did not support my vision, my dreams or even my accomplishments along the way. They scoffed at me. Labeled me foolish. Little did they know I could do it no other way.

So, as I continue to define each of the words in Building Your Best Life, one bite at a time approach, if you haven’t come through each of the posts to this one, I invite you to go back and come along on this journey, one step at a time. Read each of the posts to see how we together have a joint mission and a team effort, a partnership to accomplish both my passion and your mission – to find that path that is uniquely yours. It may be the Road Less Traveled, but it is worth every inch of the way.

To know your destiny… and destination – the journey, each road trip is an adventure you won’t want to miss.

See you next time… with more on defining Building Your Best Life…

Veronica, living a365daylife… 

and there is more over there too.

Posted 8 years, 7 months ago at 2:38 pm.

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Building Your Best Life, This is YOUR life, as artist, architect, builder!

In the “Building Your Best Life” discussion, let’s continue with a look at the word LIFE.


Life, is a system of cellular intelligence, requiring the breath of life, chi, an energy system, an oneness with all else. Life as an energy system is what our Universe IS. Life as an energy system is a knowing all its own. Life as a personal experience is what we make it.


The definition of life is as there are beings on planet Mother Earth. No one can say that their life is like another’s for we are all unique, yet we are all the same.


How can that be? It just IS. Oneness: the energy of all that makes up our planet is how it can be and IS.


Now, how you experience your life is where you have choice, consciousness and uniqueness. There is no one right way and there is no instruction book or manual. YOU do get to make it up along the way and Boy have You?


How have you made it up for yourself so far?


Just as an artist stands before a blank canvas, or a pile of wet clay. What will be the outcome of the idea, the thought of you as creation, as an expression of pure Spirit?


You get to be the artist, the paint, the brushes and the image, an ongoing work in progress. You get to be the writer of this screenplay. You get to be the architect of this structure. You get to be the producer of this movie. You get to be whatever you want to become.


Are you listening? Did you hear what I said? Did you hear what they said along the way… that has created you as you are now and do you want first to be the editor of this script?


What are the plot, storyline and result you want to experience?


You can and you are the writer, director and producer of this movie. This is YOUR life.


Are you are willing to take that role? It is yours to own.


Just ASK, and it is given. The kind of support you are seeking is seeking you.

Contact me… leave your comment, question or point of view.

Posted 8 years, 8 months ago at 5:00 pm.

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Building Your Best Life, Let’s imagine together!

When we want something other than what we have we are invited to imagine.

Einstein gave us his gift of wisdom with  ’imagination’ is more important….

So, let’s imagine together.

What does Building Your Best Life really mean to you?

Sometimes when we imagine we get some of the ideas and details and other times there are areas that remain vague, allowing for expansion of the original thought.

As I continue to Build my own best life, and God knows that it is a work in progress… seems like my childhood home, always under construction.

only a glimse

only a glimse

The vision, plan and drawings are on the board for revision, taking a second look, fine tuning the details, working out the kinks, spit and polish some would say… redlining, the architectural term… and my red pen is moving across the drawings with both ease and grace…

So, until next time… stop and think about what you imagine your desires, those ideas in the making… daydream a little and write it down. For in writing it down it becomes more clear.

Just as I have been advised to read this aloud, to hear what I am saying gives me greater clarity about what it is I want to impart. For if I can’t see clearly the outcome of my efforts on your behalf how can I possibly give you the very best of what I have to give.

Prepared to give you the very best… focused, clear and committed to BE the very best life design coach out here… just for you. Thanks for coming.. The door is open, come on in.

Veronica… go to the contact page and let me know you want to discuss your own personal building project… from imagination, vision to a fully constructed castle.. your very own sanctuary…from WITHIN.

Posted 8 years, 8 months ago at 4:04 pm.

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Building Your Best Life, along with me: Let’s BUILD it, together

Hi and welcome back,

I too am back, in action. Another move… finished, all settled in. With each passing day this journey of reconstructing my life. What you say? Yes, I too am under the external influences of a changing world. And YES, I am taking each day as an opportunity to just be present, be grateful and allow the clarity of this choice, chance and challenge to create my next most logical steps.

Baby steps… and my role as Nanny have come and gone. A precious now 7 month little guy has been a path to clarity. From becoming homeless, yes that too was on my plate, to being a live-in Nanny. Now, that too has passed and I am now in my new digs of a Mother-In-Law suite in a lovely foothills home and community just northwest of Boise. Star would be my new town… full circle you might say as I began my moving around here in Boise 9 months ago and landed in Star, as my second spot and again as my 5th..

You might know something about moving, moving on, moving up, keep moving forward… that is you never quit!

Well with each move we get to examine our journey, whether from a pit stop as we travel upon our journey or a revision in plans as we build our foundation and see our structure come into view.

The importance of laying a firm foundation comes only after we have a clear picture of what structure we are building.

Do you have a clear vision of your path, your next steps and the feelings of your desired outcome?

It is important to be very clear, trust me I know. When we are not clear we get to experience the twist and turns of the road, often less traveled.

With this new move I can now give you the time, attention and focus that really matters. Getting to the heart of the matter is what matters most.

I am reminded of the Cellular Wisdom of Joan King and her observation that the body, our cellular structure has great wisdom and a divine design that teaches us pure intention and perfect patterns from which to follow. The cellular structure knows what to do and how to do it. It doesn’t need our help to do a perfect job… BUT it is influenced by what we give it. Providing the proper nourishment, fuel and rest are required for this body to automatically do its perfect job. Just as with any machine proper maintenance is required.

Providing proper maintenance  is no different when we are Building Our Best Life.

This food for thought will continue next time. Come on back… and together we’ll build your best life, one day at a time.

Special offer now going on…. you get to choose what works best for you. Pricing is based on your needs and your capability.

Boy do I know how this works. Being faced with many changes myself, I know what it means to be open, receptive and flexible. When I needed it most many years ago, my best friend and mentor was always available to listen and to help me find my way. Through her guidance I did find my way to live my passion, purpose and promise that I too could give and receive as appropriate.

Posted 8 years, 8 months ago at 11:15 am.

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Putting YOU into the art of Building Your Best Life

In our ongoing Building Your Best Life discussion, let’s look at the word YOUR

      This is YOUR life.

So, if “traditional” personal development coaches aren’t the answer, what is? I’m glad you asked…

Everything I share, provide and do is about YOU!

Integrative inner reflections, connecting body, mind and spirit

You are special, unique and authentic. There is no one like you…even twins are different, each with their own unique fingerprints.

Only you have come with the soul destiny of this lifetime. Only you are here to express your own way, with your special gifts and talents. There is a soul knowing and an inner guidance system that leads the way from the very beginning.

Everything about you, your name, birth date and parents, set the stage for how you create your own unique path. The path you take is influenced on so many different levels: astrology, environmental cultural conditioning, beliefs, education, patterns and perspectives. Ask any parent about how you showed up from the very beginning. The stories they will share and the images, pictures and memories become unique… even as you claim your own perspective.


As you grow into your own life experiences you more often than not lose sight of your real self. You become molded, like clay, hardened and become cracked, aged and distorted beings. Over the years you learn, adapt, adjust and become an ever evolving BEING.


It takes a very unique being and environment to allow you to BE an authentic soul, as you are created. But the ever inner guidance always wants to bring you back. That inner voice that keeps nudging you to listen. You know the one, that won’t let go, that won’t shut up…that IS screaming to be heard.


One of the best ways to be brought back to your center is to be around a newborn. If you have not had the opportunity to be around a new little one… put yourself in that position. You will immediately begin to feel your own inner tug-of-war to be who you really are, pure essence and possibility. This will open your heart and mind like no other experience.


Ask any mother.

Ask any parent.

Find any hospital and volunteer to hold the babies, especially those in most need, those without parents or in critical care units.

Deep inside you-in your spirit, your soul, the “fiber” of your being-you already KNOW you long to be and deserve to be happier. And now your analytic side, your left-brain, knows more facts on why indeed happiness is crucial for your success, peace of mind, health and even length of life. BUT… in a world where “taking on” anything more seems darned near impossible, how do you do it?

If not, when will you? How will you?

In the Subject line: YES, I’m Ready 

contact info is on contact me page… see you there.

Posted 8 years, 9 months ago at 11:29 am.

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