Building Your Best Life

From WITHIN your HEART, your VISION as your Inner Pathway

Your Best Life begins with me

Hi and welcome back,

This is a statement as much to you as to me.

In my own life – like many of you – change is happening.

In fact, CHANGE is all there is.

Look around you, look within you. Our bodies are the perfect example of eternal change, with each breath, each moment our cellular structures continue to regenerate, to rebuild our bodies. YEAH! a whole new body within one year, some say. I would tend to trust the resources, as they are among the most prominent  health science professionals on the planet.

Look around at the planet, swirling, faster and faster, renewing itself, its cycles, shifts, changes each days weather is different, unique even if only slightly observable to our naked eyes. Even the GPS of each spot on the planet is changing, constantly, growing, shifting, evolving, expanding.

Isn’t that our job, to grow, shift, evolve and expand.

So, let’s face it… change is who, why, and what we are. Being in the now is the key to making the best of the changes, shifts and movement that we experience.

I have relocated back to my HOME state of Colorado. No I wasn’t born here, but it is where I came when I was 20 and have made my HOME, raised my family which is growing, changing again, expanding. With another grand child due this week, another boy, and boy oh boy am I a proud grandma. I missed out on the first year of the current ‘baby’ now 17 months old and he is such a delight, filling my soul with such joy… and there are the girls who live in Florida, who I have only seen 4 times in their now 14 and 9 years. If I could change anything that is definitely one thing I would change. I would see them at least twice a year.

In order to change my own circumstances, which also means addresses, again, I need you. I need to help more people, to give, to serve… for without a client base my work is not work but only fruitless efforts toward a selfish vision, to live my passion and purpose.

As I focus on writing my book I have surrendered to the what is, making the best of where I am, in between stages of my thirty years as a life strategist and an entrepreneur who specializes in how the living environment provides a safe haven, a sanctuary of beauty and nurturing support for each of its occupants.

I often ask “Is your house holding you hostage?” and upon closer examination we, my client and I, discover the causes of what is going on in their lives.

I just had a very fun and exciting conversation this week with a previous client who is currently having difficulty and we examined her four lucky directions. (We each have a power direction, 4 lucky directions,  and 4 unlucky direction that influence our lives.) In the course of a few pictures emailed to me I was immediately able to see the reasons for great shifts that I recommend for her greater good and improved alignment.

I speak of alignment, balance and clarity often. For without these three factors in place, the journey we take is akin to traveling without a map… Ever feel lost, dazed and confused?

If you are experiencing changes that feel inappropriate and not of your choice, for your highest good. There is something you can do about it… You can take action and email me.

You can ask for help and I am more than available and willing to help. And my promise to you is you get to decide the value. What is 45 years of expertise worth to you? What is expert status Feng Shui consulting worth to you?

If you are losing your home and being forced to move, PLEASE do you homework and find the right home, not just another address. Your address really matters, the direction of your front door and your sleeping direction really matter and either create success or chaos. Which do you want to bring forth into your life? Have you had it, more than enough, strife and struggle.

It can be different. It can be another way.

It is up to you, CHOOSE!

email found on contact page.

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How to be the creator of your hearts desires!

In order to HAVE anything you have to declare, claim and affirm its presence. That means present tense, already here knowingness. That is difficult for most and near impossible for others to even conceive.


With each word we speak there is a thought that affirms our beliefs. With each I can’t, I don’t have, you only further affirm that which you don’t have, don’t want… boomerang and you get more of ‘THAT’. Ouch.


I have been down this path of both being the magical manifestor and being stuck not having any of the results I have said I want to experience.


I have plenty of friend, clients, and money –name it and you will have more of it. … Feel it, mean it, declare it, say it, own it and it will become your reality.


Wayne Dyer is one of my favorite teachers, mentors and author.. “you have to name it to claim it”… need I say more. And of course, his latest book, ‘No More Excuses’… We make excuses for our ‘not having’, another profound declaration, and our worst habit. How many do you have?


I had plenty. And then I stopped.


So, when I GOT IT, I became really clear about the power of my word, and I stopped to get quiet enough to hear my inner voice. I then, and only then, begin to really easily achieve what I say I want to experience.


When and if it doesn’t happen you can then see clearly that there is a belief from WITHIN that is blocking your spoken words. That is where the SECRET really lies, in the lies we hold, that you don’t even know that you are holding them as your truth.


You will find that with the hubbub of DVD movie “The Secret”, Law of Attraction and the role creating your life there is far more to the story, process and practice of Being the creator of your life.


When our lives are filled with chaos, challenge and turmoil, the things that we don’t like, call stress and bring results that are the last thing are ‘wished’ for. It is then time to recognize our deliberate creative role in what ‘we’ have created. Yes, absolutely WE – YOU and I create all this mess – we then push, shove, deny, resist and blame others for our results, situations and circumstances.


Let me explain just how simple the evidence is – everywhere in our world.


Your world is filled with your most powerful and deadly tool, your word. You say, I ‘never’, I don’t, I can’t, I won’t… you fill in the blank.


Only because I too have been guilty of such language and the immediate consequences of such self-talk can I so adamantly share the evidence, unwanted results of such language.


How we speak to ourselves and to others is directly reflected in our experiences. What you fear you manifest faster and first, what you complain about brings more of the same, what you affirm with positive I AM and I HAVE statements brings the wanted results; Declare your hearts desires; magnetic Universe – supporting you with the how that comes when we trust! Boomerang!


For help in taking the next steps to making the shifts you want to change your results… for personalized life coaching with Veronica, who brings you over 25 years of life strategic planning expertise.


If there is anyone who can help you make the changes, easily and effortlessly, it is Veronica. You want support from someone who has traveled the journey so that you can take the shortcuts… she is your go to gal.


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HOW TO Build IT and so that they will come

How does one BUILD your own field of dreams? You know the movie and the concept. first you have a dream. Where does that dream come from?

We are built to BE creators, designers and creators of our own life. The dreams come from WITHIN, the connection we have to our soul BEING and the passion of its purpose is to nudge us into the knowing that WE are special, a true and authentic gift. The visions we have, our grand designs are what and why we are here. No one else has our uniqueness… there are no others with our fingerprint, our signature – we are in fact the only DESIGN that came in this package, this body, at this time.

By tapping into the inner voices, visions and creative expression that is uniquely you, you come alive with a KNOWING that you must. You know that urge that just won’t let go.

The building your best life process begins with BEING still, quiet enough long enough to hear the voices of your soul. You know when you know, your guidance system, intuition, kicks you in the gut and says YES, now, do this!

The very best way to accomplish this construction process is in the power of 6 little words.


If you can and will come to the place in your peace of mind and honoring of your hearts desires you will know what I mean. Gratitude is the first building block of creativity. Awareness through listening to the small quiet inner voice is the fuel that ignites the soul to say, OK I’m ready, when you are!

The journey is simple, being alive and awake to the moment, loving what you have created already, be CAUSE you have, is the mortor that holds the structure together.

So, what are you BUILDING? Your best life is the demonstration of the casa, castle, home or temple that is YOU.

The journey does not have to be alone… you can have the support you deserve, you can have someone who knows you are special, someone who won’t tell you you are crazy to want what you want. Those who take that path are unwilling to listen to their own hearts, at this time. They don’t know how to love themselves enough to also love you and honor your unique path… the creative expression of God that God sent you and only you to express.

Let’s do it together, leave your comments, ask your questions and let’s do it.

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Hi and welcome back,

Over the past few months I have been making every effort to rebuild my business by beginning again, by taking the past and transforming it into my new path, a future of transition and transformation.

Who better to learn from than one who has been there.


I too learn and understand that until this process is fully written and experienced into what we might call the end result there is much that is still uncertain.

What I want to share at this time is that in order to better serve you I have to stop serving you here for now, or pretending that you are there to serve. You are not there, not here.

I wish you were, but we both know you can take wishes to the bank and my livelihood is at stake here.

Having lost my home, my father, my daughter and so much more, all that I felt the meaningful things in life my business went too. So, starting all over from scratch with income from only early Social Security… talk about poverty overnight… my worse nightmare came true in a very short period, only a few months to go from The Feng Shui Queen, to dethroned, to homeless.

Now, a couple of years later I am not homeless, but a renter, sharing the home of someone else. Certainly a step up from spending time in my car on the road, searching for where could I go to live that I could afford.

Other circumstances landed me in the Boise Idaho area. Not that I would call this home, I can’t. I don’t have a home. I don’t have a job. I don’t know anyone and those I have met think I am a little left of far right, from another planet. Feng what????

So, for now I am going to FOCUS on my Feng Shui blog, to share what I do know for sure… that bad Feng Shui comes into the lives of even those who know a lot and have helped hundreds change their lives, improve their relationships, careers, even their finances… at the expense of not getting paid for what I give. Well, I am going to continue to give. If I had known what I know now I would not be in this situation.

WHAT I KNOW FOR SURE is that from scratch, from nothing it is very difficult to create anything, much less instill the trust of strangers… who is this person called Rhonee, The Feng Shui Queen?

I invite you to go over to and follow the information that has been around for just a few THOUSAND years helping people around the world improve their lives.

No joke… ancient wisdom for modern results… just like the Law of Attraction, no longer a secret…but the wisdom we need now more than ever.

Thank you, see you there… as Building Your Best Life continues its journey into the end result, my own journey back…

Rhonee, The Feng Shui Queen – a PHOENIX RISING

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How Feng Shui IS of Law of Attraction

What does Feng Shui have to do with the Law of Attraction and how it relates to Building Your Best Life?

This morning I am listening to an interview with one of my own mentors, Marie Diamond is affirming in her sharing everything that I also teach and share about the oneness in Law of Attraction principles and the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui philosophy. If you would like this to listen to this interview please send me your comments or an email.

Feng Shui and Law of Attraction has everything to do with you and your living environment, your life and your results. Everything is energy, the flow of energy system that is in all, from the inside (your beliefs, thoughts, actions) and outside in the environment the physical evidence, (images, space planning, color). What we see is an influencing factor to how we feel.

With all the current economic loses I can show you how your living environment, the home you love so much could be both at cause and a remedy for the situation you are experiencing. I know, I have had the same kind of experiences, and I too lost my home, before I learned what I know today.

If you are not experiencing great success with what you believe and the actions you are taking… this is the missing link for most. There is another layer to this magical cake we experience as life.

I help my clients on one-on-one basis… and I am available to help you too.

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MY BIG WHY! How Building Your Best Life is the KEY

Hi and welcome back,

I am happy to be back from travels, visiting and celebrating with my grandson Riley for his BIG FIRST. The gathering of friends and neighbors and Grandma made for a grand event… he could have cared less. He stuck his fingers in that white muck – called icing with sprinkles and that was the end of that!

So, on with back to work – this is not work, this is my passion and my purpose.

AND, after spending time with family – Family can be the best and worst of life learning experiences. I REALLY know my big WHY. When you are faced with those who don’t have a clue who you really are, don’t and couldn’t think of even asking how is your life, your business…what is going on with you? They don’t and didn’t. I knew what to expect and once again that is what I received. Can that be changed? I am still EFTing on that very subject.

MY BIG WHY is BECAUSE growing up and since I have never had the kind of attention, connection, or supportive encouragement to follow my heart, live my dreams I know that the need for others to have just that is my purpose.

Now, some 45 years into this gig I am writing my first book. After endless count of journals, hundreds of articles, poems, songs, radio and TV appearances I am working on my bio. How do I describe who I am and what I do for YOU. My challenge is how to sum up the diversity and extensive background that I bring to the table of contents that makes up my expertise. Yes, it gives meaning to my life path. The journey, makes me who I am.

I have read and studied with the masters, including Metaphycians Jerry and Esther Hicks, Bob Proctor, Neale Donald Walsch, Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins, Louise Hay, Marianne Williamson, Laura Day, Oriah Mountain Dreamer, Deepak Chopra – and the list goes on… This is my testiment to the power of the wisdom of others as seeds, blossoms and fruits of my own life journey. Without them I would probably not still be on this planet.

From age 4 I was very creative, spending time with my Mom in making my wardrobe and decorating our home. It was apparent from the very beginning that I had something different, in my doll houses, my way placing the items back on the table after dusting, that was my job.

Why do I share this? My role now is to provide the support you want and deserve to find your way, discover your creative expression, find your voice and tap into the BIG why of your own life. If that sounds like you and where you are… then I am here to help you.

I don’t have a fancy website with books, CD’s and a product line to drain your pocketbook. I do have a personal coaching practice, one-on-one and small group settings. Together we dig deeper and create a new map for your journey. We put together the pieces for the big picture and design a life path that moves your life from searching to discovery. Once you have the clarity your life will be very different. The blinders will come off and you will see and feel more alive. Trust me, the journey can be fun. It may not have been without the support and encouragement you deserve and didn’t have. You can now have it.

I look forward to hearing from you, your comments and inquiry will get you a front row seat and opportunity to start fresh and turn your life around.

What kind of changes are you wanting to experience?

Building Your Best Life is an inner journey that has a clear path into the heart of the matter… what matters most is your heart expression. The reason you came is waiting to be fully expressed. Now is when.

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Life Style STRATEGIES – for Building Your Best Life

What I now call ‘Building Your Best Life’ is the current results of over 35 years as a life style strategies coaching experience.  Now don’t get the wrong idea. I am not finished, just at the gate, on a new road… and stopping to allow some reflective insights.


From the beginning of my career I have brought insights, creativity and solutions to the issues, concerns and problems of others. I always had my own life experiences to use as a foundation, for I always had something that I could take exception with and stew about. Now that brings me to the real insight… It is never helpful to approach life from that end of the scope; A bit like shooting yourself in the foot.


Boy, did it take a long time and a very long road to come to that ‘here’s your sign’ experience. If you are not redneck or country fan you may not have a clue what I am talking about but if you do you too are laughing your head off; Funny how life can be funny, after the fact.


For some fun and laughter check out… www.You and search for Bill Engvall, Travis Tritt, Jeff Foxworthy, Larry, the Cable Guy… and if you don’t find yourself rolling in the aisles there is something really wrong…so call me and I’ll get you help!


Now here is another funny…. All this time I thought it was Jeff Foxworthy that did this skit… HERE’S YOUR SIGN…


Only through the wisdom of crone can we begin to know that the life manual has been missing and what we thought all along is all of a sudden proven wrong; FALSE…


Do you get that? Yes or yes? 


Can you remember times where you thought you were RIGHT and nothing or no one would change your mind; absolutely not, never…not in a million years.


And now, you can sit back and tell the stories and laugh. Yes, laugh at yourself and the experience of being wrong, but not willing to admit it.


And everyone else laughs with you. That’s wisdom.


Wisdom is found only when you know that you don’t know… very much.


So, let’s today, Easter Sunday, as the beginning of a new thought, that everything can be perfect, just as it is… bless it and learn from the wisdom of having what you have, as creator, creative expression and a miracle.


Until next time… Today, NOW is all you have… so make the best of it.



a365daylife… one day at a time…

Let’s make it together… your vision, dreams and goals are MY WHY…

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How do you eat an elephant? Building Your Best Life answers that one

Hi and welcome back,

How do you eat an elephant?

You have obviously heard that question before, haven’t you?

 And I’d like to address an answer to the question.  One Bite at a time:

You already know that an elephant is not something we think about eating, so there is humor in even asking the question. But the point is… to think about something that is so far out of scope and common train of thought. To get you to stop and think about the magnitude of such an idea in the first place.

My approach here on this blog and the general approach in blogging is to share the tiny morsels of the sweet, tantillizing ideas that get you to think about the offering.

What is my offer? Well, it is a better life, a more fulfilling life and a deeper meaning to life, each moment to treasure your life as it is. Doesn’t that sound like what you really want?

We all do! and you are no different to have the desire to live your life from a fullness and meaningfulness that gives you so much pleasure – for after all

Life is meant to be Fun.

One of the objectives of my passion and purpose is to help you find better definitions to the words that you use to express who you are, what you desire and why you want the things that just won’t leave your heart.  Let’s say it is your ‘calling’.

Most of us, and I include myself here, have spent our entire life, so far, no matter how old you/we are in search of that something that gives us meaning. You KNOW it is in there for it picks and pokes like that darn splinter that just can’t seem to get out. It pushes and shoves and just won’t go away, no matter what.

It is in that NO MATTER WHAT that IT will come to the surface.

You’ve heard that one before too, haven’t you?

The journey here with me at Building Your Best Life is one of the bite size pieces to eating that elephant, one bite at a time, with that fork you carry with you, always prepared for the desert that shows up when you least expect it.

In the journey you will experience with me as your coach you will be exposed to many principles and processes that are not new… for they are out there being offered by many. But what I feel is unique is my own presentation and experience with the use of them. We each have our own uniqueness and I am no different than you.

I am just like you. I have dreams, you have dreams. I have a vision and you have one too.

Yours may not be clear, specific and a timeline. You may not have found your inner passion and defined your meaningful purpose. That is my point. I can help YOU with that journey. As a visionary and a creative I have travelled the journey of square peg, round hole and outside the box thinking, colored outside the lines and found my own path, one step at a time. I know it can be a lonely journey and I KNOW it does not have to be.

Those of us who are of this uniqueness to know WE HAVE TO follow or rather lead the way, tread the path, from the leading edge also KNOW that there are hundreds, thousands, even millions of others just like us who want help. We, none of us, want to go it alone.

Like you, I know because I have. Those closest to me did not support my vision, my dreams or even my accomplishments along the way. They scoffed at me. Labeled me foolish. Little did they know I could do it no other way.

So, as I continue to define each of the words in Building Your Best Life, one bite at a time approach, if you haven’t come through each of the posts to this one, I invite you to go back and come along on this journey, one step at a time. Read each of the posts to see how we together have a joint mission and a team effort, a partnership to accomplish both my passion and your mission – to find that path that is uniquely yours. It may be the Road Less Traveled, but it is worth every inch of the way.

To know your destiny… and destination – the journey, each road trip is an adventure you won’t want to miss.

See you next time… with more on defining Building Your Best Life…

Veronica, living a365daylife… 

and there is more over there too.

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It’s all about YOU – Building Your Best Life

Hi and welcome back,

If you are seeking to find help, answers and ways to BECOME healthier, experience better relationships, how to make more money,

searching out here


You see, if you are not successful in terms of Being happy with what you have, your first job is to find YOU

I know I’ve traveled the journey. We all do at some point.

The point is you have to find you. Your soul came and somewhere upon the way you forgot that that is who you are and you lost your way to your passion, purpose and your successes. The real you, the soul that is asking you to remember who you are is searching for meaning.

Without meaning you do not achieve successes. You have gone through the motions and ended up asking

‘what happened, why am I not happy?’

Finding the real YOU:  Your soul came here to BE an authentic you.

Remembering that soul purpose is your only job.

Unless and until you make this connection, nothing, no thing, out there will every really matter.  There aren’t enough toys, food or relationships, sex, money or cars to make you happy and bring you to experience real joy and inner peace. You journey will allow you to become happy and being successful begins with YOU,  BECOMING you, BEING you.

The world is waiting for your light to shine. Remember the Sunday school song you sang as a child , ’I'm gonna let it light shine, let it shine, let it shine’. 

Anything and everything else is wandering around lost in the desert. It is time for you to shine. You are unique, you have purpose, passion, and creativity that only you brought to earth plane.

You have heard the saying you are  ’Human having a spiritual experience.’ Well, you have to BE the soul that is having a spiritual experience in this human body.

Much like the experience you have when you have a new vehicle. You get all excited and proud of the vehicle that represents your persona, wealth and style. Well, the same is true of your soul, it is excited to have your human body as its new vehicle to express its creative expression, passion, purpose and unique gifts to the world.

So, where do you start?  You start by stopping. Get still, quiet and learn to tap into your own heart. The heart is the souls brain. It knows who you are, why you are here and what you really want. You know because you feel it, in your gut. You just KNOW.

I know you remember that feeling. Think back to the last time you really KNEW, no doubt, no fear… YOU just KNEW that what you were doing, asking for or receiving the intuition to take action upon was unquestionable.

When you remember who you are, you KNOW who you are; you know clearly what you want; you become strong in why you want what you want; and you are UNSTOPPABLE.

Look around at anyone one to three years old, THEY KNOW. They don’t take no for an answer without a fight, and fight to the end. If they are hungry you know it; if they don’t want to go to bed they let you know… on and on and on.

And then, under the pressure of being told no and the course of conditioning that we all experience they lose who they are.  Unless, in very unique circumstances they have been nurtured by very enlightened parents. They are the lucky ones.

So, your job is to allow yourself to get back in touch with the real you. Take off the masks, drop the ego, allow yourself to go inside. I am not talking about meditation, that is a way to get quiet for some. There are other ways. 

It’s not hard, it is just something you unlearned. It’s not your fault, you were taught otherwise.

You were taught many inappropriate ideas, concept and beliefs.

The support you are seeking is seeking you. I have committed to help you find the real you.

Your comments, questions and support are waiting for you. All you have to do is DECIDE. The rest is easy.

More… later. See you soon. Thanks for taking the journey with me.


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Building YOUR Best Life – finding the real you!

If you are new to this blog I invite you to begin reading at the beginning of the post.

Like life there is a journey, a trail we walk. My intent in these messages is to help you find your way. Remember the Hansel and Gretel story… the bread crumbs lead to the house…

In a way that is my attempt in the beginning messages here. I began defining what Building Your Best Life is, as a journey, as a way to find the real you. Each post further defines the meaning of each of the four words. Unless and until you know the meaning behind any message or messenger like me you will not get a clear picture.

Life is just that an unclear picture. You, in your own unique journey have to put together the pieces, often one piece at a time. Without the whole picture we wander around in the dessert looking for pieces that appear to fit only later to find that we have shoved them in much like the square peg round hole scenario. You’ve probably done that one a few times along your way. Haven’t you?

What makes me different and you is that we didn’t find our way earlier in life. We are just seeking to find ourselves. We have  felt lost. I know I have.

Taking the journey inward, finding your true self and learning to follow your unique path is what my passion is all about. You see I had to take that journey myself. And it was not easy.

I’d like to help you take your own journey without the being lost, feeling alone and wandering around for way too long.

So, take some time – prepare to read this open book. I know you can’t hold it in your hands but it is important to discover the inside benefit of what I have to share, to bring to your experience and to your future successes. For you see nothing out there is what you are seeking. Until you find the key to you, the inner path to your success you will not find successes in your efforts.

ONCE you do find you the successes are natural, easy and effortless..they come to you, through you. That is the key to Law of Attraction. It is your natural energy level and what is most real.

So, welcome and we’ll continue our journey one day at a time… I’ll be back with more… in a little while. See you then.

Your comments and questions appreciated. Thanks for coming.


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