Building Your Best Life

From WITHIN your HEART, your VISION as your Inner Pathway

Building Your Best Life, as a partnership

Where two or more are gathered…


The kind of support you are seeking is seeking you.


Just ASK, and it is given. The support that you will receive is way beyond the power of my favorite teachers, Jerry and Esther Hicks and their wonderful book, Ask and It Is Given, and as seen in The Secret.


We all know The Secret movie has had more than significant impact upon mass consciousness beliefs worldwide.


There are no accidents… you have found your way …to here,  a pathway for the answers you are seeking can be found through the expertise of one who has traveled the path before you, walked in your shoes and has tested the troubled waters…and has survived.


An unlimited number and growing hourly, of other coaches are out here to help. But let’s face it; here we are right here, right now in the right place, right time, just you … and me.


The Abraham laws of attraction (LOA) teachings remind us ‘We never get it done!’


Many years ago, in my early days of coaching my design clients sought my help while in the process of creating new custom homes and furnishings. In the design process I often felt that I too needed help and I found it. My coach told me ‘the day you need help you will ask for it and you will find it.”



The support you will find with me is nurturing and healing, fun and intriguing.


Building Your Best Life is a 365 Day Life Spiritual Journey WITHIN, your own personal experience.


I love it when I declare that LIFE is a spiritual journey, nothing more, nothing less. This helps me to understand my own journey, the why and how I find so much pleasure in the passion and purpose I have for helping others.


That means you… Yes, you there…with the questioning look on your face… Lost; so, where to from here???


“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.”  Carl Bard


You have found your way here and I can lead the way …holding your hand, to Home; that inner home, we call soul.


My life changing Building Your Best Life programs are designed for the 365 day life, for we all have a full time life that we lead. Each day we get to begin again, with a fresh new start…


We all work WITHIN, the framework of homes, jobs and our community of family, friends and peers. We all have our own desires, perspectives and life styles.


We have families, we share our lives with peers and friends; we aspire to nurture and grow with all those in our lives.


I am here to serve you and to create wonderful relationships and friendships across the world. 


I invite your exploring questions and comments.  Email Veronica

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START HERE – “Building Your Best Life” is living with a master plan

Why would I tell you this?


Because my journey has helped me help you and so many others take their own personal journey… within. So, let’s start now.


As a child I KNEW who I was and what I wanted to be when I grew up.


And I did, I am … a designer of life.


My journey from there to here has been a true adventure, the experience of living with a master plan, like every architectural plan, a design, a creative process, one that continues to expand, continuous steps of action to take the next logical step, make the appropriate adjustments to keep my on tract toward my destination… a daily presence of divine being, true to myself, knowing my SELF and trusting that each breath I take be in accordance with divine guidance.


I was raised in a home that was a continual construction process. I became a designer in my early years, with the experiences of creating the grandest of doll houses.


I use the building and construction metaphors and analogies for good reason. They are figurative of the design process, laying the foundation, building the structures, choosing the appropriate materials and following the process of growing from an idea into something solid, beautiful, expanding, growing…


just as life grows from these same characteristics.


Building Your Best Life is all about You… the support you are seeking is seeking you.


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