Building Your Best Life

From WITHIN your HEART, your VISION as your Inner Pathway

Building – where clear vision is required

Hi and welcome back,

You know by now that Building Your Best Life is an architectural metaphor for living the life of your dreams, with the clearest vision possible.

Vision is the clarity statement you express for the experience of your passion.

Passion is what you KNOW you are meant to express and even more so the why behind all that you do; from your core hearts desire feelings of you KNOW you have to, your passion is all that you focus your attention upon, and your passion feeds the intention that one way or another IT becomes you.

Putting your clear vision into focus, expressing your passion one way or another and the how… meaningful purpose the way that your hearts desire comes alive.

Like any other great structure the pillars of this foundation that Building Your Best Life is all about is the process of really KNOWING from your core the answers to these words.

How do you define your vision? Can you? Has it been you all your life and finally, now you are ready to allow it life, give it breath and birth it into being who and why you are.

How do you declare and claim your passion? Has it been dormant, or screaming to come out and play? I know you know what I mean. I know because I am just like you.
I too have a vision, a dream, in fact many dreams, like you. One is not enough. But if just one were fulfilled I know that I could and would move on to the next, for I also know we never get it done. There will always be desires flooding through you, though us. That is creation at work. And Creation is your only job… the joy of being creative expressions of God. Now, you may have other names for the One power that is the ONE energy of all, and that’s ok. Call IT what you may. There is only ONE, and you, me and everything is but a grain of sand upon this vast ocean of Mother Earth as one of the stars in the sky of this grand ONE, Universe: ONE SONG.

So, what is your vision? What is your hearts desire? Are you ready to jump and know that you can and will fly?

So, what is the architecture of your vision, your design, your plan?

That is where I come in. I have been an architectural consultant for over 30 years, helping hundreds create their vision, design their hearts desires and live the life of their dreams. This has been in the form of custom homes and life changing transitions, both are a major part of designing your life, how you live, where you live and being who you are as creative expression.

I, as Veronica, am a life designer, life planner, and life strategies coach. It is my joy of being to be of assistance, as partner, to hold your vision, help you bring clarity to the grand design and follow the road of construction of this grand structure, laying the foundation and having all the right materials for the job.

When you are ready, I am for my service is to provide you with the kind of support you want, you need and are willing to ask for… for alone we don’t do what we say we might. Together we do, hold each others hand, walk the path and see it through to completion… follow through is where most failure occurs. Partnership is accountability to follow through, together.

Thanks for coming, and I am ready to help YOU, yes YOU, when you are ready to BEGIN.

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HOW TO ‘Building Your Best Life’, a Vision experience

An email is taking the next step!

An email is taking the next step!

January Visions, Dreams and Goals 


You have made your choices, written down your vision for 2009, laid out your dreams on paper, and charted your goals.

Haven’t you?

What’s next?  I invite you to read on…

In only 10 days you can find your path to


It is up to you to do the work, and with the guidance of someone who has traveled this road for over 35 years …and is now older than dirt… one who continues to grow everyday.

This is how you learn the “inner game.”        

Want to come along?

It is my intent and purpose to work with you, individually, for I know that the best results come with one-on-one attention, intention and commitment. When you are ready to take that next step forward you want instant results, you are ready to do it now, and you want to know that you can and will succeed.

I am ready to work with those who have declared ‘no more’

Have you declared?


 Have you made the decision and commitment to do what you say you desire to experience?

 Why not? A brief introductory conversation will help us get acquainted and reveal how I can help you with BUILDING YOUR BEST LIFE.

 As my gift to you, an email to me IS TAKING THE NEXT STEP!…

 I invite your exploring, questions and comments. Email Veronica


from wintery Idaho… Make a great day!

Come on back… we are exploring what, why and how to have the life you dream of… this is your own journey, with the support you really want.

It is proven that we don’t do it alone… we say one thing and we just don’t stay on our path… disbelieving in our dreams… often because someone else said “you’re crazy; you can’t do that; You’re gonna do WHAT?..

I believe in you… and I am here to work with you one-on-one and in small groups as appropriate.

And I promise it is affordable. Just ask me… go to my contact page and you will hear right back from me.


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START HERE – “Building Your Best Life” is living with a master plan

Why would I tell you this?


Because my journey has helped me help you and so many others take their own personal journey… within. So, let’s start now.


As a child I KNEW who I was and what I wanted to be when I grew up.


And I did, I am … a designer of life.


My journey from there to here has been a true adventure, the experience of living with a master plan, like every architectural plan, a design, a creative process, one that continues to expand, continuous steps of action to take the next logical step, make the appropriate adjustments to keep my on tract toward my destination… a daily presence of divine being, true to myself, knowing my SELF and trusting that each breath I take be in accordance with divine guidance.


I was raised in a home that was a continual construction process. I became a designer in my early years, with the experiences of creating the grandest of doll houses.


I use the building and construction metaphors and analogies for good reason. They are figurative of the design process, laying the foundation, building the structures, choosing the appropriate materials and following the process of growing from an idea into something solid, beautiful, expanding, growing…


just as life grows from these same characteristics.


Building Your Best Life is all about You… the support you are seeking is seeking you.


Posted 8 years, 10 months ago at 1:11 pm.

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