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From WITHIN your HEART, your VISION as your Inner Pathway

Mentors Celebrated

Wayne Dyer is one of my most favorite mentors. Today I give my time, attention and acknowledgement to the power of his latest work… Excuses Begone!

As I recoup from oral surgery… what could be better? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

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HAPPINESS is the GOAL – Let’s Build It together

The key to our journey in Building Your Best Life … all our efforts are to feel better, to grow and enhance the quality of our lives, the lives of those we share …

Happiness is the goal behind all the big goals you have, such as achieving success in love, your career, finances, or pursuing your hobbies and passion.

The following is not my original thought but one I totally ascribe to and agree with. found on

You’ll be pleased to know that multiple studies confirm that new intense experiences are the essential ingredient to:
• Greatly increase your overall happiness
• Achieve long-term success in relationships, finances, career… and in whatever you desire most
• Eliminate stress, angst and worry (and do so QUICKLY)
• Increase your daily energy (in a BIG way)
• Wipe out feeling overwhelmed, empty, restless, and frustrated with life
• POWERFULLY increase your creativity, mental focus and your memory
• Avoid premature aging—both mentally and physically by eliminating anxiety that leads to disease (and wrinkles etc.)

Indeed, if you are trying to do the right things in other areas of your life… eat right, exercise, meditate or pray, etc…. but you are NOT maintaining an ongoing diet of new intense experiences, you are sabotaging your success more than you know!

My offering is Just ASK, and it is given. The kind of support you are seeking is seeking you.

Building Your Best Life is an experience that is about transforming your life from the inside out…

The only way to experience THE SECRET of living and Building Your Best Life is to go WITHIN. BEGIN WITHIN, start now. In 10 days you can open your path to YOUR BEST LIFE YET.

You know if you don’t comment, I don’t know you are here… exploring, curious and ready to take action… it is your turn to take action. Let me know your thought, feedback… questions…. I too am curious about what you are seeking.

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PROBLEM SOLVED – Building Your Best Life, just got better

Hey there, welcome back.

Boy what a title… WHAT IF? all your problems could be solved? What a scenario? What a proposition?

Could I make that promise to you? Well, of course not.

There will always be problems… or at least the perspective that there is one… unless and until..

DID YOU GET THAT ?  That it is your perspective that creates your problems.

What I do in the Building Your Best Life programs  is guide you through processes to open your  inner pathway to connect to who you really are. I know it is like A Course in Miracles, the Law of Attraction, The Power of Intention, The Power vs Force, The Power of Belief, all wrapped up onto ONE.

The Power is within you… and the messengers in all these great books help you to see the open doorways. But are you still standing on the outside, peaking in the doorway, waiting to be asked to come on in. Well I am here to say

COME ON IN… it is safe, and you’ll love the experience.

There are wonderful leaders, mentors and avenues to help you make changes. How many of them have you read, followed or even worked with?…

and yet you still have problems. You always will. I always will.

That is part of the human condition. But as spirit in creative expression you have the opportunity to connect to your true SELF, to KNOW your truth and to live more fully, in the ‘peace that passeth understanding’.

Can you begin to understand that BEING is ONE with spirit? Being with the energy that is everything and everyplace… that ONENESS is within YOU.

What most people don’t get is how to KNOW and TRUST and BELIEVE in such a ONENESS.

If you are ready to walk into that Universal ONENESS, join in the 100th Monkey equation and BE THE CHANGE  YOU WANT TO SEE in the world… (Gandhi) then here I am and so are you.

Then it is time to just show up and say I have had enough

and I say… when you say you have had enough is when

YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL, more than enough. For that is when the doorways will already be open and the asking will change to thank you for the ease and grace of showing up.

CHANGE IS all there is and ONENESS is the energy that fuels your heart and soul. GETTING it is the hardest part… it is easy.. It is a mindset, a switched gear inside. Once you KNOW, TRUST and BELIEVE in the POWER of YOU as creative expression of the ONE GOD, energy that is everywhere, omnipresent.

Building Your Best Life is one-on-one interactive coaching service that is here to help guide you to KNOW the inner you and to connect to the WHY you are here.

Building Your Best Life is here, because YOU are here.  I know you. I understand what you are experiencing. I walked that journey. I understand the confusion, the darkness and the light on the other side. I know the tunnel, the desert and the consequences of such a journey.

I am here to serve you, because I have been down this road and know how it hurts to try to find your way… lost in the desert for years.

Thank you for coming along … Together, we get to experience the joy of being.   That’s your j.o.b.

Veronica… see you over on the contact me page or leave your comments for connection.

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