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Breakthrough comes in many ways and at many times in our lives.

Today marks the beginning of the rest of my life, a new NOW. That promise is tgiven us each moment with each new day, our markers of time, where the only TIME is now.

I have had many NOWS that have felt this way. I am sure you too have had your own moments.

I remember very well when I was once a TV church goer. Back in the 70′s I was in the audience of Dr. Fred, the Joel Olsteen of the day, in Denver at Mile Hi Church of Religious Science.  Along with Dr. Robert Schuller of the Crystal Cathedral in California my religious beliefs were certainly in transition from my southern Baptist roots. Well, those roots were like the weeds of my garden and being pulled up and thrown out.

The books I was reading at the time and all those that have followed have been my greatest teachers through life. I have learned far more from books than I have from my experiences with people who have walked through my life.

Today marks the completion of yet another great read, for the second time; Divine Matrix by Gregg Braden has once again provided the evidence of the new truths that I can and do resonate with more than any other reading I have done in a while. Anything by Gregg is very significant to my own spiritual journey as he has taken the spiritual insights of ancient history and the most compelling of sciences experiments and demonstrations to prove that our Universe is a miracle in and of itself.

Gregg’s personal path also in Denver and beyond has taken 20 years of his own writings, studies and experiments with the worlds historic records of how our Universe works.

I too have traveled the spiritual journey that Gregg Braden speaks of – all our life  journey is a spiritual journey. Much like my own discovery of Mile Hi, the teachings of metaphysics and quantum physics, the work of Ernest Holmes, his studies brought together the common ground historic teachings of all the worlds religions and spiritual philosophies into a philosophy that toda, along with Braden’s work  is recorded histories scientific proof of how our Universe works.

With several great movies, DVD’s, countless books and examples of how  the Universe works this  is not new information and there are countless other teachers who have brought theis insight to us. Thousands of great teachers, authors, living examples of our eternal quest to find the answers to the questions of who are we and why are we here.

We are here as God’s creative expression, as the ONE energy of the entire Universe, is, as and through us. The language of creative is our emotion, feelings, thought and beliefs.

Simple, easy, yes it is. But first we have to grasp the scope of this profound little seed, the mustard seed is used as the example for the range of the power we hold within. Gregg’s example in Divine Matrix that we are the artist, the paint, the brushes and canvas, we are the ART.

The joy at hand is to declare, claim and own the wisdom of this insight, EVERYDAY, all the time.

Thre were many years as a student of Mile Hi that I really got this message, lived a very magical snap my fingers, wiggle my nose manifestor and THEN. My world got rocked by more than I could handle and I forgot the power within. I lost me.

The journey from then to now has been years – wandering in my own desert and living the lessons of my own Dark Night of the Soul, the experiences of lessons to be learned, to find my soul and just be the peace that passeth understanding. Silence is certainly a major role in the journey. Living alone, living with my SELF and loving all of me, the good, bad and the ugly… are times that no one need share. Yet we do it all the time. Asking others for help, being told no, being shut out, shutting others out… the game of life has so many twists, turns and mirrors.

I am found.

Today is a new day. My NOW.

If you are walking this path and want some help, support, understanding that you are not alone, don’t have to walk alone… I am here. I have walked the journey, continue to and know that I can help others with hope, trust, and shortcuts through. We all have to take back roades, enjoy the journey. We also have to know that there is light from within. It is not in the tunnel, or at the end of the tunnel. It is within.

You are the light. Is your light turned off? Are you wearing a lampshade and can’t see your way?

I don’t have sophisticated opt-in, free reports or books YET – but I will soon. Today I have me, my computer and the wisdom to know that life is a miracle, you and I are the miracles.

In CWG Neale Donald Walsch states that God has sent nothing but Angels and there is nothing but miracles… we are both, trading spaces, taking turns. We are the creators of our lives.

Today, right now, is the right place, right time.

Thank you for coming.

your comments, questions and request for help are appreciated. Without you, my work is meaningless.

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