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“Building Your Best Life” programs are designed around your schedules and the seasons as we all know that we have summer and winter holidays. We have school starting times and we have vacations. We have New Years, tax season and other events we have on our calendars.


The year long program includes breaks planned to accommodate most seasonal occasions. It is your life and you get to pick when you want to begin and continue with each piece of the program you want to participate in.


Each program segment is planned in pieces of 10, 40, 50 and 90 days with the objective of a 365 day life experience, living intentionally with passion and purpose, in alignment, balance and clarity.


We begin with an assessment tool that is designed to help you determine where you are on your journey.


LET’s begin: The assessment tool… begins to explore your current life, living environment and where you are.


Is your life a TEN?


The assessment tool is a fun journey into what your life feels like now and a look at how it is mirrored and influenced by your living environment. Once you have the information that tells you where you are from the outside…how your life feels externally; you will be on your way to achieving a centered and grounded life that you will enjoy more each step of the way.


With over 35 years of specializing in the impact your living environment has on your life, trust me… there is a very revealing insight you are about to experience. Others are quick to declare their results are astonishing. Just wait, you too will be singing the praises to all those you know.


Pricing: I am not here to get rich but our lives will be richer for the sharing and we’ll be happy at the end of the day. Now, that matters and so do you! I will provide my services to as many as I can and be as reasonable as possible while supporting you and providing for my own livelihood, for the highest good of all concerned.


And then:

… the path of this journey is like that extended vacation, one day at a time, then you go to the next island and explore there… so come on along for the next step.


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Answer the core questions:

What kind of vision do you have for your life?

What kind of passion and purpose are you ignoring?

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