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From WITHIN your HEART, your VISION as your Inner Pathway
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Putting YOU into the art of Building Your Best Life

In our ongoing Building Your Best Life discussion, let’s look at the word YOUR

      This is YOUR life.

So, if “traditional” personal development coaches aren’t the answer, what is? I’m glad you asked…

Everything I share, provide and do is about YOU!

Integrative inner reflections, connecting body, mind and spirit

You are special, unique and authentic. There is no one like you…even twins are different, each with their own unique fingerprints.

Only you have come with the soul destiny of this lifetime. Only you are here to express your own way, with your special gifts and talents. There is a soul knowing and an inner guidance system that leads the way from the very beginning.

Everything about you, your name, birth date and parents, set the stage for how you create your own unique path. The path you take is influenced on so many different levels: astrology, environmental cultural conditioning, beliefs, education, patterns and perspectives. Ask any parent about how you showed up from the very beginning. The stories they will share and the images, pictures and memories become unique… even as you claim your own perspective.


As you grow into your own life experiences you more often than not lose sight of your real self. You become molded, like clay, hardened and become cracked, aged and distorted beings. Over the years you learn, adapt, adjust and become an ever evolving BEING.


It takes a very unique being and environment to allow you to BE an authentic soul, as you are created. But the ever inner guidance always wants to bring you back. That inner voice that keeps nudging you to listen. You know the one, that won’t let go, that won’t shut up…that IS screaming to be heard.


One of the best ways to be brought back to your center is to be around a newborn. If you have not had the opportunity to be around a new little one… put yourself in that position. You will immediately begin to feel your own inner tug-of-war to be who you really are, pure essence and possibility. This will open your heart and mind like no other experience.


Ask any mother.

Ask any parent.

Find any hospital and volunteer to hold the babies, especially those in most need, those without parents or in critical care units.

Deep inside you-in your spirit, your soul, the “fiber” of your being-you already KNOW you long to be and deserve to be happier. And now your analytic side, your left-brain, knows more facts on why indeed happiness is crucial for your success, peace of mind, health and even length of life. BUT… in a world where “taking on” anything more seems darned near impossible, how do you do it?

If not, when will you? How will you?

In the Subject line: YES, I’m Ready 

contact info is on contact me page… see you there.

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