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MY BIG WHY! How Building Your Best Life is the KEY

Hi and welcome back,

I am happy to be back from travels, visiting and celebrating with my grandson Riley for his BIG FIRST. The gathering of friends and neighbors and Grandma made for a grand event… he could have cared less. He stuck his fingers in that white muck – called icing with sprinkles and that was the end of that!

So, on with back to work – this is not work, this is my passion and my purpose.

AND, after spending time with family – Family can be the best and worst of life learning experiences. I REALLY know my big WHY. When you are faced with those who don’t have a clue who you really are, don’t and couldn’t think of even asking how is your life, your business…what is going on with you? They don’t and didn’t. I knew what to expect and once again that is what I received. Can that be changed? I am still EFTing on that very subject.

MY BIG WHY is BECAUSE growing up and since I have never had the kind of attention, connection, or supportive encouragement to follow my heart, live my dreams I know that the need for others to have just that is my purpose.

Now, some 45 years into this gig I am writing my first book. After endless count of journals, hundreds of articles, poems, songs, radio and TV appearances I am working on my bio. How do I describe who I am and what I do for YOU. My challenge is how to sum up the diversity and extensive background that I bring to the table of contents that makes up my expertise. Yes, it gives meaning to my life path. The journey, makes me who I am.

I have read and studied with the masters, including Metaphycians Jerry and Esther Hicks, Bob Proctor, Neale Donald Walsch, Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins, Louise Hay, Marianne Williamson, Laura Day, Oriah Mountain Dreamer, Deepak Chopra – and the list goes on… This is my testiment to the power of the wisdom of others as seeds, blossoms and fruits of my own life journey. Without them I would probably not still be on this planet.

From age 4 I was very creative, spending time with my Mom in making my wardrobe and decorating our home. It was apparent from the very beginning that I had something different, in my doll houses, my way placing the items back on the table after dusting, that was my job.

Why do I share this? My role now is to provide the support you want and deserve to find your way, discover your creative expression, find your voice and tap into the BIG why of your own life. If that sounds like you and where you are… then I am here to help you.

I don’t have a fancy website with books, CD’s and a product line to drain your pocketbook. I do have a personal coaching practice, one-on-one and small group settings. Together we dig deeper and create a new map for your journey. We put together the pieces for the big picture and design a life path that moves your life from searching to discovery. Once you have the clarity your life will be very different. The blinders will come off and you will see and feel more alive. Trust me, the journey can be fun. It may not have been without the support and encouragement you deserve and didn’t have. You can now have it.

I look forward to hearing from you, your comments and inquiry will get you a front row seat and opportunity to start fresh and turn your life around.

What kind of changes are you wanting to experience?

Building Your Best Life is an inner journey that has a clear path into the heart of the matter… what matters most is your heart expression. The reason you came is waiting to be fully expressed. Now is when.

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Building – where clear vision is required

Hi and welcome back,

You know by now that Building Your Best Life is an architectural metaphor for living the life of your dreams, with the clearest vision possible.

Vision is the clarity statement you express for the experience of your passion.

Passion is what you KNOW you are meant to express and even more so the why behind all that you do; from your core hearts desire feelings of you KNOW you have to, your passion is all that you focus your attention upon, and your passion feeds the intention that one way or another IT becomes you.

Putting your clear vision into focus, expressing your passion one way or another and the how… meaningful purpose the way that your hearts desire comes alive.

Like any other great structure the pillars of this foundation that Building Your Best Life is all about is the process of really KNOWING from your core the answers to these words.

How do you define your vision? Can you? Has it been you all your life and finally, now you are ready to allow it life, give it breath and birth it into being who and why you are.

How do you declare and claim your passion? Has it been dormant, or screaming to come out and play? I know you know what I mean. I know because I am just like you.
I too have a vision, a dream, in fact many dreams, like you. One is not enough. But if just one were fulfilled I know that I could and would move on to the next, for I also know we never get it done. There will always be desires flooding through you, though us. That is creation at work. And Creation is your only job… the joy of being creative expressions of God. Now, you may have other names for the One power that is the ONE energy of all, and that’s ok. Call IT what you may. There is only ONE, and you, me and everything is but a grain of sand upon this vast ocean of Mother Earth as one of the stars in the sky of this grand ONE, Universe: ONE SONG.

So, what is your vision? What is your hearts desire? Are you ready to jump and know that you can and will fly?

So, what is the architecture of your vision, your design, your plan?

That is where I come in. I have been an architectural consultant for over 30 years, helping hundreds create their vision, design their hearts desires and live the life of their dreams. This has been in the form of custom homes and life changing transitions, both are a major part of designing your life, how you live, where you live and being who you are as creative expression.

I, as Veronica, am a life designer, life planner, and life strategies coach. It is my joy of being to be of assistance, as partner, to hold your vision, help you bring clarity to the grand design and follow the road of construction of this grand structure, laying the foundation and having all the right materials for the job.

When you are ready, I am for my service is to provide you with the kind of support you want, you need and are willing to ask for… for alone we don’t do what we say we might. Together we do, hold each others hand, walk the path and see it through to completion… follow through is where most failure occurs. Partnership is accountability to follow through, together.

Thanks for coming, and I am ready to help YOU, yes YOU, when you are ready to BEGIN.

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Pass It On – mentor of mentors

You know sometimes there are people that help us along our way more than we help those we are to help. There are no mentors that don’t respect and ask for the assistance of others who have gone before and accomplished what it is we want to accomplish.

Here’s looking up to others!

Today instead of being the coach I’d like to refer the following link to you. Go check it out… you’ll be delighted… I was and am… a group effort of LOA’ers… I’m in… come on along…

Life Strategies, Life Styles and Life spaces for living a more effective spiritual presence.

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HAPPINESS is the GOAL – Let’s Build It together

The key to our journey in Building Your Best Life … all our efforts are to feel better, to grow and enhance the quality of our lives, the lives of those we share …

Happiness is the goal behind all the big goals you have, such as achieving success in love, your career, finances, or pursuing your hobbies and passion.

The following is not my original thought but one I totally ascribe to and agree with. found on

You’ll be pleased to know that multiple studies confirm that new intense experiences are the essential ingredient to:
• Greatly increase your overall happiness
• Achieve long-term success in relationships, finances, career… and in whatever you desire most
• Eliminate stress, angst and worry (and do so QUICKLY)
• Increase your daily energy (in a BIG way)
• Wipe out feeling overwhelmed, empty, restless, and frustrated with life
• POWERFULLY increase your creativity, mental focus and your memory
• Avoid premature aging—both mentally and physically by eliminating anxiety that leads to disease (and wrinkles etc.)

Indeed, if you are trying to do the right things in other areas of your life… eat right, exercise, meditate or pray, etc…. but you are NOT maintaining an ongoing diet of new intense experiences, you are sabotaging your success more than you know!

My offering is Just ASK, and it is given. The kind of support you are seeking is seeking you.

Building Your Best Life is an experience that is about transforming your life from the inside out…

The only way to experience THE SECRET of living and Building Your Best Life is to go WITHIN. BEGIN WITHIN, start now. In 10 days you can open your path to YOUR BEST LIFE YET.

You know if you don’t comment, I don’t know you are here… exploring, curious and ready to take action… it is your turn to take action. Let me know your thought, feedback… questions…. I too am curious about what you are seeking.

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BEING in the flow – Building Your Best Life

Continue reading “BEING in the flow – Building Your Best Life” »

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Saving the BEST for last… Building Your Best Life

In the discussion of what each word in Building Your Best Life means let’s look at the word BEST. I changed the order in which I presented these words on purpose, for how we measure Best is so very personal.


What is your BEST?

I am still on my own journey of deliberately creating my life the way I choose to and I have become aware of so many profound realizations and seen several manifestations in my life that inspire me to share what I have found with you.


We each have our measure of what best feels like. I know I do. I hope you do to. We usually take the perspective of comparison. 


Best, being and meaning the highest quality. Best is a standard of being, something to uphold as a mark of quality, someone to live up to or a way to achieve your mark, or a standard to experience.


Best can also be viewed as a judgment. Better than something else. Or not.


BUT with the perspective of uniqueness there is no thing, nothing to compare to.


Maybe it is just above feeling terrible. Maybe it is having the best experience you have ever had.  Only one can bring how one feels to your own measure of best.


Maybe best is just being grateful and accepting of what is, making the very best of what is, now…


Lyobomirsky’s research confirms that happiness breeds success.


If you are like me, you may always be looking for something better. I am learning that this is not very effective, for being happy with now, what is .. and expressing the perfection of this moment, whatever it is is far more productive in moving forward. Allowing the next step to evolve, emerge and be your experience is truly best way to be life, right here, right now.


It is amazing what it takes to really be in the space of making the best of what is… and that being enough, accepting what is as the best for now.


Happiness is the goal behind all the big goals you have, such as achieving success in love, your career, finances, or pursuing your hobbies and passions.


Living now is not as easy as it sounds, it is in fact where we may find our greater challenges.


More on Building Your Best Life.. one day at a time.. one bite at a time, baby steps. Thanks for taking the journey, come on back… more later.


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Life Style STRATEGIES – for Building Your Best Life

What I now call ‘Building Your Best Life’ is the current results of over 35 years as a life style strategies coaching experience.  Now don’t get the wrong idea. I am not finished, just at the gate, on a new road… and stopping to allow some reflective insights.


From the beginning of my career I have brought insights, creativity and solutions to the issues, concerns and problems of others. I always had my own life experiences to use as a foundation, for I always had something that I could take exception with and stew about. Now that brings me to the real insight… It is never helpful to approach life from that end of the scope; A bit like shooting yourself in the foot.


Boy, did it take a long time and a very long road to come to that ‘here’s your sign’ experience. If you are not redneck or country fan you may not have a clue what I am talking about but if you do you too are laughing your head off; Funny how life can be funny, after the fact.


For some fun and laughter check out… www.You and search for Bill Engvall, Travis Tritt, Jeff Foxworthy, Larry, the Cable Guy… and if you don’t find yourself rolling in the aisles there is something really wrong…so call me and I’ll get you help!


Now here is another funny…. All this time I thought it was Jeff Foxworthy that did this skit… HERE’S YOUR SIGN…


Only through the wisdom of crone can we begin to know that the life manual has been missing and what we thought all along is all of a sudden proven wrong; FALSE…


Do you get that? Yes or yes? 


Can you remember times where you thought you were RIGHT and nothing or no one would change your mind; absolutely not, never…not in a million years.


And now, you can sit back and tell the stories and laugh. Yes, laugh at yourself and the experience of being wrong, but not willing to admit it.


And everyone else laughs with you. That’s wisdom.


Wisdom is found only when you know that you don’t know… very much.


So, let’s today, Easter Sunday, as the beginning of a new thought, that everything can be perfect, just as it is… bless it and learn from the wisdom of having what you have, as creator, creative expression and a miracle.


Until next time… Today, NOW is all you have… so make the best of it.



a365daylife… one day at a time…

Let’s make it together… your vision, dreams and goals are MY WHY…

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How do you eat an elephant? Building Your Best Life answers that one

Hi and welcome back,

How do you eat an elephant?

You have obviously heard that question before, haven’t you?

 And I’d like to address an answer to the question.  One Bite at a time:

You already know that an elephant is not something we think about eating, so there is humor in even asking the question. But the point is… to think about something that is so far out of scope and common train of thought. To get you to stop and think about the magnitude of such an idea in the first place.

My approach here on this blog and the general approach in blogging is to share the tiny morsels of the sweet, tantillizing ideas that get you to think about the offering.

What is my offer? Well, it is a better life, a more fulfilling life and a deeper meaning to life, each moment to treasure your life as it is. Doesn’t that sound like what you really want?

We all do! and you are no different to have the desire to live your life from a fullness and meaningfulness that gives you so much pleasure – for after all

Life is meant to be Fun.

One of the objectives of my passion and purpose is to help you find better definitions to the words that you use to express who you are, what you desire and why you want the things that just won’t leave your heart.  Let’s say it is your ‘calling’.

Most of us, and I include myself here, have spent our entire life, so far, no matter how old you/we are in search of that something that gives us meaning. You KNOW it is in there for it picks and pokes like that darn splinter that just can’t seem to get out. It pushes and shoves and just won’t go away, no matter what.

It is in that NO MATTER WHAT that IT will come to the surface.

You’ve heard that one before too, haven’t you?

The journey here with me at Building Your Best Life is one of the bite size pieces to eating that elephant, one bite at a time, with that fork you carry with you, always prepared for the desert that shows up when you least expect it.

In the journey you will experience with me as your coach you will be exposed to many principles and processes that are not new… for they are out there being offered by many. But what I feel is unique is my own presentation and experience with the use of them. We each have our own uniqueness and I am no different than you.

I am just like you. I have dreams, you have dreams. I have a vision and you have one too.

Yours may not be clear, specific and a timeline. You may not have found your inner passion and defined your meaningful purpose. That is my point. I can help YOU with that journey. As a visionary and a creative I have travelled the journey of square peg, round hole and outside the box thinking, colored outside the lines and found my own path, one step at a time. I know it can be a lonely journey and I KNOW it does not have to be.

Those of us who are of this uniqueness to know WE HAVE TO follow or rather lead the way, tread the path, from the leading edge also KNOW that there are hundreds, thousands, even millions of others just like us who want help. We, none of us, want to go it alone.

Like you, I know because I have. Those closest to me did not support my vision, my dreams or even my accomplishments along the way. They scoffed at me. Labeled me foolish. Little did they know I could do it no other way.

So, as I continue to define each of the words in Building Your Best Life, one bite at a time approach, if you haven’t come through each of the posts to this one, I invite you to go back and come along on this journey, one step at a time. Read each of the posts to see how we together have a joint mission and a team effort, a partnership to accomplish both my passion and your mission – to find that path that is uniquely yours. It may be the Road Less Traveled, but it is worth every inch of the way.

To know your destiny… and destination – the journey, each road trip is an adventure you won’t want to miss.

See you next time… with more on defining Building Your Best Life…

Veronica, living a365daylife… 

and there is more over there too.

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PROBLEM SOLVED – Building Your Best Life, just got better

Hey there, welcome back.

Boy what a title… WHAT IF? all your problems could be solved? What a scenario? What a proposition?

Could I make that promise to you? Well, of course not.

There will always be problems… or at least the perspective that there is one… unless and until..

DID YOU GET THAT ?  That it is your perspective that creates your problems.

What I do in the Building Your Best Life programs  is guide you through processes to open your  inner pathway to connect to who you really are. I know it is like A Course in Miracles, the Law of Attraction, The Power of Intention, The Power vs Force, The Power of Belief, all wrapped up onto ONE.

The Power is within you… and the messengers in all these great books help you to see the open doorways. But are you still standing on the outside, peaking in the doorway, waiting to be asked to come on in. Well I am here to say

COME ON IN… it is safe, and you’ll love the experience.

There are wonderful leaders, mentors and avenues to help you make changes. How many of them have you read, followed or even worked with?…

and yet you still have problems. You always will. I always will.

That is part of the human condition. But as spirit in creative expression you have the opportunity to connect to your true SELF, to KNOW your truth and to live more fully, in the ‘peace that passeth understanding’.

Can you begin to understand that BEING is ONE with spirit? Being with the energy that is everything and everyplace… that ONENESS is within YOU.

What most people don’t get is how to KNOW and TRUST and BELIEVE in such a ONENESS.

If you are ready to walk into that Universal ONENESS, join in the 100th Monkey equation and BE THE CHANGE  YOU WANT TO SEE in the world… (Gandhi) then here I am and so are you.

Then it is time to just show up and say I have had enough

and I say… when you say you have had enough is when

YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL, more than enough. For that is when the doorways will already be open and the asking will change to thank you for the ease and grace of showing up.

CHANGE IS all there is and ONENESS is the energy that fuels your heart and soul. GETTING it is the hardest part… it is easy.. It is a mindset, a switched gear inside. Once you KNOW, TRUST and BELIEVE in the POWER of YOU as creative expression of the ONE GOD, energy that is everywhere, omnipresent.

Building Your Best Life is one-on-one interactive coaching service that is here to help guide you to KNOW the inner you and to connect to the WHY you are here.

Building Your Best Life is here, because YOU are here.  I know you. I understand what you are experiencing. I walked that journey. I understand the confusion, the darkness and the light on the other side. I know the tunnel, the desert and the consequences of such a journey.

I am here to serve you, because I have been down this road and know how it hurts to try to find your way… lost in the desert for years.

Thank you for coming along … Together, we get to experience the joy of being.   That’s your j.o.b.

Veronica… see you over on the contact me page or leave your comments for connection.

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It’s all about YOU – Building Your Best Life

Hi and welcome back,

If you are seeking to find help, answers and ways to BECOME healthier, experience better relationships, how to make more money,

searching out here


You see, if you are not successful in terms of Being happy with what you have, your first job is to find YOU

I know I’ve traveled the journey. We all do at some point.

The point is you have to find you. Your soul came and somewhere upon the way you forgot that that is who you are and you lost your way to your passion, purpose and your successes. The real you, the soul that is asking you to remember who you are is searching for meaning.

Without meaning you do not achieve successes. You have gone through the motions and ended up asking

‘what happened, why am I not happy?’

Finding the real YOU:  Your soul came here to BE an authentic you.

Remembering that soul purpose is your only job.

Unless and until you make this connection, nothing, no thing, out there will every really matter.  There aren’t enough toys, food or relationships, sex, money or cars to make you happy and bring you to experience real joy and inner peace. You journey will allow you to become happy and being successful begins with YOU,  BECOMING you, BEING you.

The world is waiting for your light to shine. Remember the Sunday school song you sang as a child , ’I'm gonna let it light shine, let it shine, let it shine’. 

Anything and everything else is wandering around lost in the desert. It is time for you to shine. You are unique, you have purpose, passion, and creativity that only you brought to earth plane.

You have heard the saying you are  ’Human having a spiritual experience.’ Well, you have to BE the soul that is having a spiritual experience in this human body.

Much like the experience you have when you have a new vehicle. You get all excited and proud of the vehicle that represents your persona, wealth and style. Well, the same is true of your soul, it is excited to have your human body as its new vehicle to express its creative expression, passion, purpose and unique gifts to the world.

So, where do you start?  You start by stopping. Get still, quiet and learn to tap into your own heart. The heart is the souls brain. It knows who you are, why you are here and what you really want. You know because you feel it, in your gut. You just KNOW.

I know you remember that feeling. Think back to the last time you really KNEW, no doubt, no fear… YOU just KNEW that what you were doing, asking for or receiving the intuition to take action upon was unquestionable.

When you remember who you are, you KNOW who you are; you know clearly what you want; you become strong in why you want what you want; and you are UNSTOPPABLE.

Look around at anyone one to three years old, THEY KNOW. They don’t take no for an answer without a fight, and fight to the end. If they are hungry you know it; if they don’t want to go to bed they let you know… on and on and on.

And then, under the pressure of being told no and the course of conditioning that we all experience they lose who they are.  Unless, in very unique circumstances they have been nurtured by very enlightened parents. They are the lucky ones.

So, your job is to allow yourself to get back in touch with the real you. Take off the masks, drop the ego, allow yourself to go inside. I am not talking about meditation, that is a way to get quiet for some. There are other ways. 

It’s not hard, it is just something you unlearned. It’s not your fault, you were taught otherwise.

You were taught many inappropriate ideas, concept and beliefs.

The support you are seeking is seeking you. I have committed to help you find the real you.

Your comments, questions and support are waiting for you. All you have to do is DECIDE. The rest is easy.

More… later. See you soon. Thanks for taking the journey with me.


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