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Writing the script for Building Your Best Life

By the numbers – a power play day

Have you ever noticed that the numbers of each day has their own unique power?

Today, the 28th day of January, where January is a 1 and 28 adds also to 1 and our year of 2009 adds to 11, so today is an 1:1:11 

Now what does that mean you might ask… more than anything it is the power of 4 for new beginnings represented by 1.

So, let’s get off to a new start, new beginnings…

Previously we were addressing the subject of writing your eulogy… what did you write down? Let’s go on with this ….

What will they say about you?

Better yet, it is only what you feel about your journey that matters. One of our biggest mistakes is to live our lives for them, through them, and often as them.

How will you be seen by others when they come to celebrate your life?

Where are you in your own experiences?

Through the process of writing down your vision, dreams and intentions,  you are  able to receive a clear Big Picture of how life ‘could’ be. Statistics prove that those who have written down their vision, values, and have clearly defined passion, purpose and goals to achieve in exercises like this are the most likely to be successful in life.

Will your life be experiences BECAUSE I SAID SO? … Literally and figuratively… most likely. So, watch what you ask for… you just might get it.

In fact, you have already and will continue to get what you ask for…

Do you like your results so far?

It is most interesting that once the writing is complete and laid aside, put in a drawer and found years later, few find that they are surprised at the results. Most find that life showed up just like they thought it would and most even better.

How about you? What kind of grade would you give your life experiences?

Is your life a ten?

Just ASK, and it is given. The kind of support you are seeking is seeking you.

It’s your turn… your comment or email with question gets you the personal support of life strategy coaching from over 30 years of helping others achieve knowing who you truly are, defining what it takes to get from here to there… lifes jouney 365 days at a time…starting NOW. Today, what will you do to have the better life you want… and will to ask for help achieving?

Contact information is on the contact page or your comment below will get my attention as well.

Veronica… making a difference one life at a time.

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Starting Now: Building Your Best Life Defined

This is a series of definitions of  what Building Your Best Life is all about. Over the next few entries I will guide you through the meaning behind the name Building Your Best Life. The name came together after many years of life strategies, teachings and consulting with hundreds as I too built my best life… from my passion, purpose and vision for how to live a more meaningful life. This journey is now my gift to you… for with guidance your journey can be a short-cut through the unmarked trails and trials that life often lays before us.

Our focus of intention today is to further define the word Building: the first key to the process of building your best life.

From the beginning of time, in Biblical terms, that is…there is a process of creation.

“The Lord God made the earth and the heavens and every plant of the field BEFORE it was in the earth, and every herb of the field BEFORE it grew.”

 ”Every architect and builder follows the same plan whether he is building or planning a house, a bridge, an institution, or his own life. Every man is his own designer and builder; like the Creator, he makes his creations within before they materialize on the outside.”  Raymond Holliwell

 To build is to create a master plan, to have a vision of your desire(s), as in an architectural drawing, a flight plan, or in this context what and how you choose to feel about your life, as it comes to completion.

 This is Your Life – your screenplay

A good way to experience this is from the vision of your end result,  to write your own eulogy. One very good way to deepen this experience is to write the script, personalize the story of your life; to write your biography now and then live it as you see your very own movie come to life: “This is Your Life.”


So, I invite you to write it down… and allow it to become your life experience. The fun in this experience is that you can rewrite the until now portions and begin again going forward. This experience allows you to clear the slate and re-imagineer your life script.

As you look down upon the occasion of your completion here on earth, what will you have to say about your life?

What have you asked for, so far?

More on this as we continue next time… now get that pen and paper and write, write, write… no need to edit just create for This Is Your Life.

Send me a note. Tell me about your life story as it is re-designed, edited and now ready for the big screen.

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Building Your Best Life begins with AWARENESS

AWARENESS, the first step to solving any problem: Since awareness is always the first step to solving any problem that is where I will start in addressing your problem…..

You pick what problem you are facing.

This will be the one of many posts I will do on the subject of awareness.

As we continue our journey of defining what Building of your best life is, as a construction process, one thing occurs to me. The very idea of being aware is that each and every day we have the opportunity to assess where we are upon this ongoing construction event in our lives.

You get to review the original architecture, see the envisioned outcome, your vision on paper, in writing and in varying phases of build out. You are the architect and you get to decide at any point if the grand design is working for you.

You do have your life plan on paper, written out, every detail designed, your order placed as you sit down each day to your buffet.  Don’t you?

OR maybe you are not the grand designer of your life. Just maybe there is a master architect at work and you are only the carpenter. With tools in hand you hammer away at a plan you can neither see nor read the plans for… they are not written down.

Think about it. How often do you get to a place only the way that speaks to you as if you are not here… how did you get here and where do you go from here?

Stop and reflect, is your grand design what you envisioned it to be, become? Or is in the construction zone of ‘what was I thinking?; what where they thinking as they read the plans, ordered the materials. This is someone else’s plan. They got the address wrong.

Today, as I reflect it would appear that I left the construction site for too long a period and they went ahead with what they thought was my idea. Well, I don’t think so. You know that feeling. You wake up one day and the grand design, your ideal plan is not working for you.

What happens next? You get to stop the show; rewrite the script and begin again.

Think about it. Who drew up your best life plans? Did you get your copy, signed and approved? Or are you building from your imagination one day at a time?

We’ll be back with more on this subject later… so see you later.

And if you have your two cents worth to share, I’ll eagerly await your point of view.

 How to reach me?: You’ll find me on the contact page… see ya soon.


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THE SECRET to Building Your Best Life


The only way to experience THE SECRET

of living and “Building Your Best Life”

is to go WITHIN.


Just what does that mean you may ask?


To MAKE the decision to put all the pieces together is a once in a lifetime experience, one most of us never really make. The pieces are there, the Picture is incomplete.



does require a commitment

to learning, effort and practice

but what doesn’t?



“Do you do just whatever comes along? Do you plan your day with something definite to be accomplished towards your aim, toward your ambition?


One type of people are called “drifters,” another type are called “builders.”


Are you a Builder or a Drifter?

You can tell only by what you are accomplished. When you look at your achievements so far you feel, see and can be held accountable for what you are.



The evidence is before you. But even more importantly the evidence is only what you believe to be true. You can change and change only happens from the inside.



Deciding to change your results has to begin within, with the choices you make. And one of the hardest yet easiest (don’t let me confuse you here) changes we make is being conscious, becoming aware of your feelings, your attitude, your perspective and your beliefs.



Beliefs are only your thoughts. Thoughts are repeated habits and behaviors… the patterns you continue to use because you have already done them, repeatedly, experienced them AND you like the comfort of them.



Now, you may not like the results but that is the point of what it takes to be able to choose again and new choices will change your outcomes.



So, no matter what you have accomplished you can create new and different choices, have a new vision, clear intentions and more meaningful purpose.



All you have to do is DECIDE. No different than going to your favorite restaurant and ordering from the menu. You get to choose and each time you go, don’t let that waitress tell you her favorite or even your ole standby…



Declare: Today, I am ordering something new, something I really want.



Maybe that is to explore and order something you have never tried before. You know, like on vacation where they have things that you don’t have at home.




So, off to the Far East… what will you order today? Deciding is easy. It’s courage that it takes to change. Just close your eyes and point. Let’s explore.



I invite you to the contact page to place your order. Fast and effective service is available… just ASK. It is up to you. I am here to serve those who really want change in their results. And you know as well as I do that we don’t do it alone. We say one thing and then go about our comfortable lives… waiting until something out there changes… and nothing out there is going to change your results.



It is up to you… with the support you want.. you can have it all… WHAT do you want? More importantly WHY do you want it? And what will you feel like when you get it. Know the answers to these questions… if you, tell me your successes or send me an email and we’ll create some new successes.


Ready, set… GO to my contact page. You read this far… keep going… the next step is – Go to my contact page for the one-on-one support you want… The SECRET is within you…



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Building Your Best Life, Let the BUILDING BEGIN

I don’t know about you but I stayed gathered round the Tube for all the pomp and circumstance, crowd control, cheering, clatter and clammer of


well into the night of CELEBRATION…

as ON THIS DAY in America,


That is exactly what Building Your Best Life is all about, choosing to make better choices, creating a new Begin Again attitude and charging with eager enthusiasm toward our dreams, vision and the promise that YES we can.

Yes, I can. Yes, you can. Yes we can… do what we say we want, together we can and we will.

I ask that you consider what you have as your dream, your promise for your tomorrow, beginning today. What will your life be like in a week, a month or a year from now… if you don’t begin today and

CONTINUE day after day, continue the journey you embark upon to be the promise you make to yourself.

Yes it will take work and yes, the work has have a vision, a view of the end result, it has to be designed, to be constructed with all the proper materials, in a timely manner, with the right tools, team and timelines. This is how you build your best life… no different than any other building project we endeavor to undertake.

Now, is when. Start today, I am ready, ARE YOU READY? go to the contact page and let me know you are ready… I’m here to be a partner for your success. We all have dreams… let’s do it together.

Veronica, talk to you soon.

Come on back as I continue to further define, clarify and set the stage for life changes you have asked for and are now ready for. You are one of the 3% that will take action and ask for what you want and I am that coach that will step up and be there for you. Just Ask… contact info on contact page… see you there!

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Building Your Best Life: every tomorrow a vision of hope

Life by DESIGN

Life by DESIGN


Begin WITHIN, start now. The first step in a new program I have developed over the past year, brings the path of my own life journey into clarity, focus and intention, to help others find their way… be true to yourself… and let your light shine.

I share this poem to set the stage for what is to come.

Listen to the Exhortation of the Dawn!
Look to this Day!
For it is Life, the very Life of Life.
In its brief course lie all the
Verities and Realities of your Existence.
The Bliss of Growth,
The Glory of Action,
The Splendor of Beauty;
For Yesterday is but a Dream,
And To-morrow is only a Vision;
But To-day well lived makes
Every Yesterday a Dream of Happiness,
And every Tomorrow a Vision of Hope.
Look well therefore to this Day!
Such is the Salutation of the Dawn!



 by Kalidasa, Indian Poet


I invite your exploring, questions and comments. Email Veronica

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HOW TO ‘Building Your Best Life’, a Vision experience

An email is taking the next step!

An email is taking the next step!

January Visions, Dreams and Goals 


You have made your choices, written down your vision for 2009, laid out your dreams on paper, and charted your goals.

Haven’t you?

What’s next?  I invite you to read on…

In only 10 days you can find your path to


It is up to you to do the work, and with the guidance of someone who has traveled this road for over 35 years …and is now older than dirt… one who continues to grow everyday.

This is how you learn the “inner game.”        

Want to come along?

It is my intent and purpose to work with you, individually, for I know that the best results come with one-on-one attention, intention and commitment. When you are ready to take that next step forward you want instant results, you are ready to do it now, and you want to know that you can and will succeed.

I am ready to work with those who have declared ‘no more’

Have you declared?


 Have you made the decision and commitment to do what you say you desire to experience?

 Why not? A brief introductory conversation will help us get acquainted and reveal how I can help you with BUILDING YOUR BEST LIFE.

 As my gift to you, an email to me IS TAKING THE NEXT STEP!…

 I invite your exploring, questions and comments. Email Veronica


from wintery Idaho… Make a great day!

Come on back… we are exploring what, why and how to have the life you dream of… this is your own journey, with the support you really want.

It is proven that we don’t do it alone… we say one thing and we just don’t stay on our path… disbelieving in our dreams… often because someone else said “you’re crazy; you can’t do that; You’re gonna do WHAT?..

I believe in you… and I am here to work with you one-on-one and in small groups as appropriate.

And I promise it is affordable. Just ask me… go to my contact page and you will hear right back from me.


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Building Your Best Life, as a partnership

Where two or more are gathered…


The kind of support you are seeking is seeking you.


Just ASK, and it is given. The support that you will receive is way beyond the power of my favorite teachers, Jerry and Esther Hicks and their wonderful book, Ask and It Is Given, and as seen in The Secret.


We all know The Secret movie has had more than significant impact upon mass consciousness beliefs worldwide.


There are no accidents… you have found your way …to here,  a pathway for the answers you are seeking can be found through the expertise of one who has traveled the path before you, walked in your shoes and has tested the troubled waters…and has survived.


An unlimited number and growing hourly, of other coaches are out here to help. But let’s face it; here we are right here, right now in the right place, right time, just you … and me.


The Abraham laws of attraction (LOA) teachings remind us ‘We never get it done!’


Many years ago, in my early days of coaching my design clients sought my help while in the process of creating new custom homes and furnishings. In the design process I often felt that I too needed help and I found it. My coach told me ‘the day you need help you will ask for it and you will find it.”



The support you will find with me is nurturing and healing, fun and intriguing.


Building Your Best Life is a 365 Day Life Spiritual Journey WITHIN, your own personal experience.


I love it when I declare that LIFE is a spiritual journey, nothing more, nothing less. This helps me to understand my own journey, the why and how I find so much pleasure in the passion and purpose I have for helping others.


That means you… Yes, you there…with the questioning look on your face… Lost; so, where to from here???


“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.”  Carl Bard


You have found your way here and I can lead the way …holding your hand, to Home; that inner home, we call soul.


My life changing Building Your Best Life programs are designed for the 365 day life, for we all have a full time life that we lead. Each day we get to begin again, with a fresh new start…


We all work WITHIN, the framework of homes, jobs and our community of family, friends and peers. We all have our own desires, perspectives and life styles.


We have families, we share our lives with peers and friends; we aspire to nurture and grow with all those in our lives.


I am here to serve you and to create wonderful relationships and friendships across the world. 


I invite your exploring questions and comments.  Email Veronica

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Welcome to Building Your Best Life.

WHY ME? Introducing A 365 Day Lifestyle 

I was originally called Dr. Mom way back in the 60′s, as the phone would ring, friend, neighbor or family would call with ‘what do I do?’about God knows what. I certainly don’t remember now.


But all these many years later, I know that I am still creative in the way I approach my 365 day life lifestyle.


How I approach life has always served me well, being called Ms. Resourceful for many years, working for a teams of engineers… They called upon me for projects that had nothing to do with work and knew that I would come up with the solutions.



I still do, daily, moment by moment.


What is your problem, Spunky?


Do you remember that question? I don’t know if it was just a family colloquialism or from some other source, I just remember it being frequently used.


Seems we all have problems. Don’t you?


We all have ‘things’ that trouble us. We all get stopped or stumped in how we look at life. What I do to help others, YOU, is to listen to you and help you see your perspective and to hear your own limiting beliefs.


“if you look down a railroad track you will observe that at a certain distance the two tracks converge at one point.”

This kind of illusion clouds our perspective.


We all have problems, challenges and various levels of chaos.


I know I do.


And I get to work on them, DAILY. Yes, daily. They are there like splinters that won’t go away, but keep coming to the surface, festering. Until we take action to pull them out. Life and its challenges are the same… they won’t stop until we face them.


Recently I facilitated a case study team, as part of the book I am writing. For nine months we looked at life, individually and collectively. We came together twice a month and from the very beginning we had an assessment tool designed to help you find your ‘where are you’ spot. Along any journey you stop and take stock to see where this journey is taking you.


If you have not taken time to do that recently, now is a great time to do so. I invite you to email me… right now and request your copy of the assessment tool that will help you to know where you are on your journey.


When building a home, you have to use the right tools for the right job. Your job now is building your best life.


Building Your Best Life is an experience that is about transforming your life from the inside out…


The only way to experience THE SECRET of living and Building Your Best Life is to go WITHIN.


BEGIN WITHIN, starts now. In as little as 10 days you can find your path to BUILDING YOUR BEST LIFE, yet.

Just ASK, and it is given. The kind of support you are seeking is seeking you.




 You’ll find how to reach me on the contact page.

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Building Your Best Life, what it is for you! Part 1

Are you living the artistry of your life’s journey?

Why I ask you this question: Let’s talk about what it means to have a Life coach as a partner. That is what I am here for… to share one on one… with you, to help you come to your own place of allowing life to be a 365daylife experience of joy.

Here’s a lyric that rings true to the times of digging deeper to find our way:

“…I’m heading on down a one-way highway, searching for a sign That leads the way, so fast from day to day
I’m heading on down this one-way highway, somewhere down the road Another morning waits for me, each day another mystery I’ll take it on my own, go there alone…”

Well, you never have to travel the road of transition alone again.

The Keys to creating your blueprint for successful lifestyles are to walk the path each day with an open heart, mind and soul…for the experience of the journey.

Not only will we be exploring the pathways to an inner you, we will also come to understand the Laws of the Universe, especially the missing pieces to the Law of Attraction and how combined with other principles they provide mirrors of each other, one more powerful than the other. When combined they will rock your world with Alignment, Balance and Clarity that can’t be described in the few words I have here.

This can only be experienced. Just as with most of our lives we want to have the experience ourselves… no one can tell us how to walk in another’s shoes.

Having walked in the shoes of transition and constant change, a lifestyle of both choice and chance… the results are of your own making. We are all experiencing much change. One thing is for sure… change IS.

Can you relate? Times have changed. And it is high time we do too.

Are you ready?

What will you make of your journey?

We cannot go through life, even a day or a week without experiencing change, so face it, and walk into it. (But it does not have to be walking the hot coals.)

Embrace newness… for change is all there is. That next breath of fresh air… the first clear sign of change.. is moving through. Time changes, second by second and life is a breath in and a breath out in milliseconds.

Are you ready to have the support you desire and deserve for life chaos, challenges or changes you are experiencing.

What will you make of your journey?

My gift to you is my lifelong passion and purpose in helping you to find your center, grounded and heart of what really matters, the inner peace that allows you to move forward with joy.

All it takes on your part is to have a desire to allow new results into your experiences. The courage to ask for support, that partnering of vision hopes and promise that you too can do it. Whatever your IT is! Just do IT!

Ready, set, GO! Now is when…ARE YOUR READY? What you get from coming here…  Life coaching, partnership:

Together we get the job done.

It’s time for action; subject line: Yes, I’m Ready...


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