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Your Best Life begins with me

Hi and welcome back,

This is a statement as much to you as to me.

In my own life – like many of you – change is happening.

In fact, CHANGE is all there is.

Look around you, look within you. Our bodies are the perfect example of eternal change, with each breath, each moment our cellular structures continue to regenerate, to rebuild our bodies. YEAH! a whole new body within one year, some say. I would tend to trust the resources, as they are among the most prominent  health science professionals on the planet.

Look around at the planet, swirling, faster and faster, renewing itself, its cycles, shifts, changes each days weather is different, unique even if only slightly observable to our naked eyes. Even the GPS of each spot on the planet is changing, constantly, growing, shifting, evolving, expanding.

Isn’t that our job, to grow, shift, evolve and expand.

So, let’s face it… change is who, why, and what we are. Being in the now is the key to making the best of the changes, shifts and movement that we experience.

I have relocated back to my HOME state of Colorado. No I wasn’t born here, but it is where I came when I was 20 and have made my HOME, raised my family which is growing, changing again, expanding. With another grand child due this week, another boy, and boy oh boy am I a proud grandma. I missed out on the first year of the current ‘baby’ now 17 months old and he is such a delight, filling my soul with such joy… and there are the girls who live in Florida, who I have only seen 4 times in their now 14 and 9 years. If I could change anything that is definitely one thing I would change. I would see them at least twice a year.

In order to change my own circumstances, which also means addresses, again, I need you. I need to help more people, to give, to serve… for without a client base my work is not work but only fruitless efforts toward a selfish vision, to live my passion and purpose.

As I focus on writing my book I have surrendered to the what is, making the best of where I am, in between stages of my thirty years as a life strategist and an entrepreneur who specializes in how the living environment provides a safe haven, a sanctuary of beauty and nurturing support for each of its occupants.

I often ask “Is your house holding you hostage?” and upon closer examination we, my client and I, discover the causes of what is going on in their lives.

I just had a very fun and exciting conversation this week with a previous client who is currently having difficulty and we examined her four lucky directions. (We each have a power direction, 4 lucky directions,  and 4 unlucky direction that influence our lives.) In the course of a few pictures emailed to me I was immediately able to see the reasons for great shifts that I recommend for her greater good and improved alignment.

I speak of alignment, balance and clarity often. For without these three factors in place, the journey we take is akin to traveling without a map… Ever feel lost, dazed and confused?

If you are experiencing changes that feel inappropriate and not of your choice, for your highest good. There is something you can do about it… You can take action and email me.

You can ask for help and I am more than available and willing to help. And my promise to you is you get to decide the value. What is 45 years of expertise worth to you? What is expert status Feng Shui consulting worth to you?

If you are losing your home and being forced to move, PLEASE do you homework and find the right home, not just another address. Your address really matters, the direction of your front door and your sleeping direction really matter and either create success or chaos. Which do you want to bring forth into your life? Have you had it, more than enough, strife and struggle.

It can be different. It can be another way.

It is up to you, CHOOSE!

email found on contact page.

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How to be the creator of your hearts desires!

In order to HAVE anything you have to declare, claim and affirm its presence. That means present tense, already here knowingness. That is difficult for most and near impossible for others to even conceive.


With each word we speak there is a thought that affirms our beliefs. With each I can’t, I don’t have, you only further affirm that which you don’t have, don’t want… boomerang and you get more of ‘THAT’. Ouch.


I have been down this path of both being the magical manifestor and being stuck not having any of the results I have said I want to experience.


I have plenty of friend, clients, and money –name it and you will have more of it. … Feel it, mean it, declare it, say it, own it and it will become your reality.


Wayne Dyer is one of my favorite teachers, mentors and author.. “you have to name it to claim it”… need I say more. And of course, his latest book, ‘No More Excuses’… We make excuses for our ‘not having’, another profound declaration, and our worst habit. How many do you have?


I had plenty. And then I stopped.


So, when I GOT IT, I became really clear about the power of my word, and I stopped to get quiet enough to hear my inner voice. I then, and only then, begin to really easily achieve what I say I want to experience.


When and if it doesn’t happen you can then see clearly that there is a belief from WITHIN that is blocking your spoken words. That is where the SECRET really lies, in the lies we hold, that you don’t even know that you are holding them as your truth.


You will find that with the hubbub of DVD movie “The Secret”, Law of Attraction and the role creating your life there is far more to the story, process and practice of Being the creator of your life.


When our lives are filled with chaos, challenge and turmoil, the things that we don’t like, call stress and bring results that are the last thing are ‘wished’ for. It is then time to recognize our deliberate creative role in what ‘we’ have created. Yes, absolutely WE – YOU and I create all this mess – we then push, shove, deny, resist and blame others for our results, situations and circumstances.


Let me explain just how simple the evidence is – everywhere in our world.


Your world is filled with your most powerful and deadly tool, your word. You say, I ‘never’, I don’t, I can’t, I won’t… you fill in the blank.


Only because I too have been guilty of such language and the immediate consequences of such self-talk can I so adamantly share the evidence, unwanted results of such language.


How we speak to ourselves and to others is directly reflected in our experiences. What you fear you manifest faster and first, what you complain about brings more of the same, what you affirm with positive I AM and I HAVE statements brings the wanted results; Declare your hearts desires; magnetic Universe – supporting you with the how that comes when we trust! Boomerang!


For help in taking the next steps to making the shifts you want to change your results… for personalized life coaching with Veronica, who brings you over 25 years of life strategic planning expertise.


If there is anyone who can help you make the changes, easily and effortlessly, it is Veronica. You want support from someone who has traveled the journey so that you can take the shortcuts… she is your go to gal.


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What are you are magnet for? Boomerang!

We live in a magnetic Universe… EVERYTHING is energy and the energy we put out is boomeranged right back… CATCH!

ANYTHING and everything that I or you… and I include myself for I too am guilty far more than I’d really like to own up to but I too am human and learning…

KARMA has come alive…

I repeat, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that you or I regard in any way as less than perfect is a judgement and will, does and absolutely comes back … multiplied.


The LAW is magnetic. If you want it love it… if not bless it for this too shall pass. It is only a breath, thought… but is it one you want to continue to experience.

You cannot split a magnet there  is positive and negative polarity… if you want positive BE positive; if you are pushing back on anything that is negative response, reaction and creation…

What are we creating?

I know sounds easy to stay positive, love what is… but are we capable of BEING in this joyous state of accepting, gratitude, appreciating, allowing, willing, receptive, loving, honoring, acknowledging. Namaste; are you seeing, feeling and unconditionally loving each moment, person, place or thing… that you/we have brought into our lives.

This is our Planet and we are the DNA, the one energy that is creating everything… our consciousness is the end result, outcome to all that we have and are thinking, believing – and the evidence is before us.

What are we creating?

Think about that one for a while…

Thank you for coming…

I’ll be back again soon.

Phoenix Rising… reBUILDING my best life… want to come along for the journey. Partnering helps both of us. Where two or more are gathered… miracles abound.

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Because I Believe in YOU..

Memories are made of this. I remember that song. Do you?

Today marks some significant memories and reminders in my own life journey.

It marks the most special day in my life that we all cherish… that wedding day. A day of love and celebration of two hearts joined with promise. That dream and promise lasted for a few short years, the union a few more years without the celebration and promise. But the memory of those times remains and reminds me of when my heart was young, vulnerable and pliable.

Today marks the day when as the promises no longer were being celebrated, but were being acknowledged as over. My ex signed the divorce papers on the anniversary date and handed them to me saying Happy Anniversary sweetheart… That memory will always be with me for he had broken my heart and I his. Our promises to each other had not been honored. Our friendship had come to pass.

For ‘this too shall pass.’ Reminders that change is with us, at all times.

Today also marks the birth date of my favorite uncle. My Dad’s brother, Frank Herring, who was one of the most optimistic and fun guys anyone would ever want to meet, much less have as a major influencing factor in my life. Today I am reminded of his birthdate and I take this time to honor him as he passed from this plane last week. Out of the six brothers there is one that remains, the youngest, another great friend and uncle…Jimmy. A generation of brothers that have given and shared every life lesson for faith hope and family first. Salude amore.

We each have dates that are significant milestones along our life journey, reminders of times when we were happy, optimistic and rooted in our dreams. What makes these memories great is that as we work toward future dreams we can use the feelings we once had with purpose, as anchors to fuel the thoughts and feelings of how did it, does it feel to have our dreams come alive and into our lives. What powerful tools we have from within to ignite the fires within our hearts.

What dates, memories and reminders do you have that ignite your dreams?

I am celebrating the passing from my entreprenuerial journey as Rhonee, The Feng Shui Queen into a phase of passage, semi-retired, writing my book and preparing to bring you another special phase for visioning, live design and planning; the construction phase of rebuilding firm foundations, strong structures, powerful tools and tricks of the trade of architecture. Architecture for life, the business of building a better life. is emerging slowly as I take the time and follow my heart through insight and healing of transformation. You might say recycling the old. Take the parts and pieces from the graveyard of yesteryear and making them new again, in new form. Fashioning new and more creative ways of Being into more pliable and flexible experiences that will fit better and serve more.

Come on along… for the journey… My journey of passion and purpose as Phoenix Rising.

You will also soon find new products and services profiled and announced at real soulutions (no typo) for all that I now bring to you is about the soul journey from WITHIN… where the map is invisible, yet clearly Divine.

Because I Believe in YOU..

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How Feng Shui IS of Law of Attraction

What does Feng Shui have to do with the Law of Attraction and how it relates to Building Your Best Life?

This morning I am listening to an interview with one of my own mentors, Marie Diamond is affirming in her sharing everything that I also teach and share about the oneness in Law of Attraction principles and the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui philosophy. If you would like this to listen to this interview please send me your comments or an email.

Feng Shui and Law of Attraction has everything to do with you and your living environment, your life and your results. Everything is energy, the flow of energy system that is in all, from the inside (your beliefs, thoughts, actions) and outside in the environment the physical evidence, (images, space planning, color). What we see is an influencing factor to how we feel.

With all the current economic loses I can show you how your living environment, the home you love so much could be both at cause and a remedy for the situation you are experiencing. I know, I have had the same kind of experiences, and I too lost my home, before I learned what I know today.

If you are not experiencing great success with what you believe and the actions you are taking… this is the missing link for most. There is another layer to this magical cake we experience as life.

I help my clients on one-on-one basis… and I am available to help you too.

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Pass It On – mentor of mentors

You know sometimes there are people that help us along our way more than we help those we are to help. There are no mentors that don’t respect and ask for the assistance of others who have gone before and accomplished what it is we want to accomplish.

Here’s looking up to others!

Today instead of being the coach I’d like to refer the following link to you. Go check it out… you’ll be delighted… I was and am… a group effort of LOA’ers… I’m in… come on along…

Life Strategies, Life Styles and Life spaces for living a more effective spiritual presence.

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HAPPINESS is the GOAL – Let’s Build It together

The key to our journey in Building Your Best Life … all our efforts are to feel better, to grow and enhance the quality of our lives, the lives of those we share …

Happiness is the goal behind all the big goals you have, such as achieving success in love, your career, finances, or pursuing your hobbies and passion.

The following is not my original thought but one I totally ascribe to and agree with. found on

You’ll be pleased to know that multiple studies confirm that new intense experiences are the essential ingredient to:
• Greatly increase your overall happiness
• Achieve long-term success in relationships, finances, career… and in whatever you desire most
• Eliminate stress, angst and worry (and do so QUICKLY)
• Increase your daily energy (in a BIG way)
• Wipe out feeling overwhelmed, empty, restless, and frustrated with life
• POWERFULLY increase your creativity, mental focus and your memory
• Avoid premature aging—both mentally and physically by eliminating anxiety that leads to disease (and wrinkles etc.)

Indeed, if you are trying to do the right things in other areas of your life… eat right, exercise, meditate or pray, etc…. but you are NOT maintaining an ongoing diet of new intense experiences, you are sabotaging your success more than you know!

My offering is Just ASK, and it is given. The kind of support you are seeking is seeking you.

Building Your Best Life is an experience that is about transforming your life from the inside out…

The only way to experience THE SECRET of living and Building Your Best Life is to go WITHIN. BEGIN WITHIN, start now. In 10 days you can open your path to YOUR BEST LIFE YET.

You know if you don’t comment, I don’t know you are here… exploring, curious and ready to take action… it is your turn to take action. Let me know your thought, feedback… questions…. I too am curious about what you are seeking.

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BEING in the flow – Building Your Best Life

Continue reading “BEING in the flow – Building Your Best Life” »

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Life Style STRATEGIES – for Building Your Best Life

What I now call ‘Building Your Best Life’ is the current results of over 35 years as a life style strategies coaching experience.  Now don’t get the wrong idea. I am not finished, just at the gate, on a new road… and stopping to allow some reflective insights.


From the beginning of my career I have brought insights, creativity and solutions to the issues, concerns and problems of others. I always had my own life experiences to use as a foundation, for I always had something that I could take exception with and stew about. Now that brings me to the real insight… It is never helpful to approach life from that end of the scope; A bit like shooting yourself in the foot.


Boy, did it take a long time and a very long road to come to that ‘here’s your sign’ experience. If you are not redneck or country fan you may not have a clue what I am talking about but if you do you too are laughing your head off; Funny how life can be funny, after the fact.


For some fun and laughter check out… www.You and search for Bill Engvall, Travis Tritt, Jeff Foxworthy, Larry, the Cable Guy… and if you don’t find yourself rolling in the aisles there is something really wrong…so call me and I’ll get you help!


Now here is another funny…. All this time I thought it was Jeff Foxworthy that did this skit… HERE’S YOUR SIGN…


Only through the wisdom of crone can we begin to know that the life manual has been missing and what we thought all along is all of a sudden proven wrong; FALSE…


Do you get that? Yes or yes? 


Can you remember times where you thought you were RIGHT and nothing or no one would change your mind; absolutely not, never…not in a million years.


And now, you can sit back and tell the stories and laugh. Yes, laugh at yourself and the experience of being wrong, but not willing to admit it.


And everyone else laughs with you. That’s wisdom.


Wisdom is found only when you know that you don’t know… very much.


So, let’s today, Easter Sunday, as the beginning of a new thought, that everything can be perfect, just as it is… bless it and learn from the wisdom of having what you have, as creator, creative expression and a miracle.


Until next time… Today, NOW is all you have… so make the best of it.



a365daylife… one day at a time…

Let’s make it together… your vision, dreams and goals are MY WHY…

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How do you eat an elephant? Building Your Best Life answers that one

Hi and welcome back,

How do you eat an elephant?

You have obviously heard that question before, haven’t you?

 And I’d like to address an answer to the question.  One Bite at a time:

You already know that an elephant is not something we think about eating, so there is humor in even asking the question. But the point is… to think about something that is so far out of scope and common train of thought. To get you to stop and think about the magnitude of such an idea in the first place.

My approach here on this blog and the general approach in blogging is to share the tiny morsels of the sweet, tantillizing ideas that get you to think about the offering.

What is my offer? Well, it is a better life, a more fulfilling life and a deeper meaning to life, each moment to treasure your life as it is. Doesn’t that sound like what you really want?

We all do! and you are no different to have the desire to live your life from a fullness and meaningfulness that gives you so much pleasure – for after all

Life is meant to be Fun.

One of the objectives of my passion and purpose is to help you find better definitions to the words that you use to express who you are, what you desire and why you want the things that just won’t leave your heart.  Let’s say it is your ‘calling’.

Most of us, and I include myself here, have spent our entire life, so far, no matter how old you/we are in search of that something that gives us meaning. You KNOW it is in there for it picks and pokes like that darn splinter that just can’t seem to get out. It pushes and shoves and just won’t go away, no matter what.

It is in that NO MATTER WHAT that IT will come to the surface.

You’ve heard that one before too, haven’t you?

The journey here with me at Building Your Best Life is one of the bite size pieces to eating that elephant, one bite at a time, with that fork you carry with you, always prepared for the desert that shows up when you least expect it.

In the journey you will experience with me as your coach you will be exposed to many principles and processes that are not new… for they are out there being offered by many. But what I feel is unique is my own presentation and experience with the use of them. We each have our own uniqueness and I am no different than you.

I am just like you. I have dreams, you have dreams. I have a vision and you have one too.

Yours may not be clear, specific and a timeline. You may not have found your inner passion and defined your meaningful purpose. That is my point. I can help YOU with that journey. As a visionary and a creative I have travelled the journey of square peg, round hole and outside the box thinking, colored outside the lines and found my own path, one step at a time. I know it can be a lonely journey and I KNOW it does not have to be.

Those of us who are of this uniqueness to know WE HAVE TO follow or rather lead the way, tread the path, from the leading edge also KNOW that there are hundreds, thousands, even millions of others just like us who want help. We, none of us, want to go it alone.

Like you, I know because I have. Those closest to me did not support my vision, my dreams or even my accomplishments along the way. They scoffed at me. Labeled me foolish. Little did they know I could do it no other way.

So, as I continue to define each of the words in Building Your Best Life, one bite at a time approach, if you haven’t come through each of the posts to this one, I invite you to go back and come along on this journey, one step at a time. Read each of the posts to see how we together have a joint mission and a team effort, a partnership to accomplish both my passion and your mission – to find that path that is uniquely yours. It may be the Road Less Traveled, but it is worth every inch of the way.

To know your destiny… and destination – the journey, each road trip is an adventure you won’t want to miss.

See you next time… with more on defining Building Your Best Life…

Veronica, living a365daylife… 

and there is more over there too.

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