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From WITHIN your HEART, your VISION as your Inner Pathway

The HEART, Pathway to life successes

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just me

just me

MY WHY:               


Let me tell you… 

  The reason for my life path, passion and purpose is to help you. Because I have been down this path and have traveled the back roads, byways and highways to be able to help others on their roadtrips… our endless journey of life.


YOU are my why!


When you feel lost and overwhelmed you tend to lose sight of your dreams and focus on the problem instead. You only have one problem; RIGHT?



Because when you don’t have a solution, the problem is all that’s left, on your mind and in your face.


The problem grows and grows because you keep feeding it with your focused energy.


If you are saying ‘I want my life to be different. I want to change and I am ready!’


If this is your declaration…

here is the KEY.

Let's open some doors.

Let's open some doors.





 YOU are in the right place; right now… so let’s go.


where two or more are gathered… The kind of support you are seeking is seeking you.


It is time to unlock the door, walk through it. Let’s figure out the next step on your journey.

I come to you as a creative solution provider since 1975, an outside the box thinker;

TOGETHER we will figure out the solutions.


Just ASK, and it is given.


There are no accidents… you have found your way … a pathway to the answers you are seeking can be found through the expertise of one who has traveled the path before you, walked in your shoes and has tested the waters…and survived.


An unlimited number and growing hourly, of other coaches are out here to help you. But let’s face it; here we are right here, right now in the right place, right time.


The Abraham laws of attraction (LOA) teachings remind us ‘We never get it done!’


Many years ago, in my early days of coaching my design clients sought my help while in the process of creating new custom homes and furnishings. In the design process I often felt that I too needed help and I found it.

My coach told me ‘the day you need help you will ask for it and you will find it.”



I had my own mentors, advisors and best friends. I know the value of being supported and having the help to see my world through an inspirational and second set of eyes. But most of all it is the value of being heard and holding the vision of your dreams that a true coach brings.


The support you will find from me is nurturing and healing, fun and intriguing.


Building Your Best Life is a 365 Day Life Spiritual Journey WITHIN.


I love it when I hear my favorite mentors declare that LIFE is a spiritual journey, nothing more, nothing less helps me to understand my own journey, the why and how I find so much pleasure in the passion and purpose I have for helping others.


That means you… Yes, you there…with the questioning look on your face…


Lost; so, where to from here???


You have found your way here and I can lead the way …. Home; that inner home, we call soul.


My life changing Building Your Best Life programs are designed for the 365 day life, for we all have a full time life that we lead. Each day we get to begin again, with a fresh new start


We all work WITHIN, the framework of homes, jobs and our community of family, friends and peers. We all have our own desires, perspectives and lifestyles.


We have families, we share our lives with peers and friends; we aspire to nurture and grow with all those in our lives.


I am here to serve you and to create wonderful relationships and friendships across the world.  


What you will get:

A leader in the changing world of tomorrow!

·     Leadership and mentoring for the change you desire:

·     Through the eyes of another, a visionary who helps you see from your inner perspective

·     Empowerment to hear your divine voice with clarity and passion

·     Help with defining, determining and declaring your best assets

·     Use of critical thinking

·     A team effort, where two or more are gathered… great things happen

·     A track record of 35 years of a few failures that paved the way for more successes

·     A change expert, master at flexibility, adaptability as change has been my karma

·     Focus on an emphasis area

From the many hats I have worn over the years… middle child… need I say more… interior designer, the creative side of me, seeing everything from how to make it beautiful… to architectural consultant, how to fix what others broke… and Feng Shui expert, how to bring harmony to it all… the metaphysics of it all comes together.


Now my basic premise is that in all my years what haven’t I experienced? I have experienced 2 marriages, one great love; single parenting of 2, a son and a daughter; had more than 5 j.o.b.’s; an entrepreneur and been single for near 30 years; I would say that I have overused the term ‘moving right along’ as my road trips have included 40 plus moves, lock, stock and barrel. A sense of inner order comes to everything I do.


Ask if direction matters and I’ll tell you some great success stories about moving.

‘Moving Your Life in the Right Direction’

is my tagline for good reason. There are ‘Results and the Reasons Why… not.’

Sorry, I have not had any major diseases; my mantra is’ I don’t do windows, colds or catch anything that is going around.’ Just two ornery to get sick… Thank you very much.


Now, how’s that for a recipe for life strategies that have alignment, balance, and clarity…


The movie ‘Because I Said So’ … stole my byline… Watch what you ask for, for you will get it.


“What’s up in your world today?” … one day at a time.


Our role in working together is to find the very best ways of living in unity, and honoring your deepest inner wisdom, your soul purpose, while listening to your heart.


Happiness is the goal behind all the big goals you have, such as achieving success in love, your career, finances, or pursuing your hobbies and passions.


Welcome aboard! We’ll have a great journey together.


I am here… FOR YOU!  find your

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